Navigate transformation with confidence.

Any adventurer knows that a good map, compass, GPS and guide are critical to navigating complex terrain. For forty years, we’ve been developing strategic guidance systems for all levels of transformation: self, relationship, team, organization and community. These process methodologies guide action so you achieve optimal results and sustainable breakthroughs 

Strategic Guidance Systems

Streamline action and reduce confusion.

Immediately up-level your leaders’ ability to lead change.

All our methodologies are process roadmaps: they guide action over time.
Using our change process methodologies is like having a masterful coach or guide at your side.


Our two change process methodologies for guiding organization transformation are depicted below. As needed, we support each step of implementation with strategic advice, training and development, coaching, assessments, tools and materials.

The Breakthrough Process

(for guiding enterprise and community transformation)

The Change Leader's Roadmap

(for guiding strategic change initiatives)
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"Strategies and tools for leaders using strategic change as a competitive advantage..."
“Being First captures the science and the art of orchestrating organizational change by providing both practical and insightful strategies and tools for leaders who must use strategic change as a thoughtful competitive advantage.”
Jackie Alcalde Marr
Director, Org and Talent Development
Oracle US
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"A practical approach to large-scale change and transformation..."
“If you've been searching for a practical approach to large-scale change and transformation, the Being First Approach is it.”
Sue G. Murphy
Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center
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"Equips and encourages leaders to understand how to deliver breakthrough results..."
“Transformative times require transforming the way we change. The Being First approach challenges, equips and encourages leaders to understand how to deliver breakthrough results. It is not just about change…it is about YOU as a leader in these transformative times.”
Todd D. Jick
Professor, Columbia Business School
President, Global Leadership Services
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"Essential for anyone managing complex change..."
“This approach is essential for anyone managing complex change, especially today’s healthcare leaders. It's a comprehensive and practical system that will significantly increase your likelihood of success and lower your risk of costly setbacks. Based on 15 years of experience managing complex clinical and operational change, I highly recommend Being First.”
John Haughom
MD, Senior VP, Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
Peace Heatlh
“Being First guides leaders safely through the turbulence of leading change..."
“Being First guides leaders safely through the turbulence of leading change, helping them mitigate the transformational dangers of overwhelm, chaos and uncertainty. Whether you are launching new products, restructuring, cutting costs or growing, you’ll learn how to take effective action with confidence.”
Faith Ralston
Faith Ralston and Company
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"Useful insight into how to address the dynamics of transformational change..."
“The Change Leader's Roadmap provided very useful insight into how to address the dynamics of transformational change. It also was a valuable lesson on the importance of my role in successful transformational change.”
John Bishop
VP of Operations
State Farm Insurance
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"An approach based on decades of experience for executives leading strategy..."
“Based on decades of experience, Being First draws you into the world of what’s possible in change. Our development was engaging, tangible, practical and compelling! Their approach is applicable to executives leading strategy, Operations, change consultants and Learning and Development specialists.”
Barbara Plumley
VP, Regional Operations
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
"The most comprehensive set of strategies and tools I have come across globally..."
“The Change Leader's Roadmap is the most comprehensive set of strategies and tools I have come across globally and the most practical in its guidance toward understanding what works best in each individual situation.”
Christian Forthomme
Real Change Network, Inc.
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"A thinking discipline for how I support change initiatives across our enterprise...”
“After 18 months using our license to The Change Leader's Roadmap, we realize it is not just a resource we can access every day to support our execution of specific changes but has become a thinking discipline for how I support change initiatives across our enterprise.”
Deb Chobotuk
Corporate Organization Development Specialist
Saskatoon Health Region
"Unquestionably the best transformational change approach I have found..."
“Being First provides - unquestionably - the best transformational change approach I have found in 20 years working with organizations. They have a comprehensive blueprint for well planned, results-oriented change that balances discipline, innovation and the human dynamics of change.”
Nancy Dill
Business Solutions Consulting
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"A must for anyone responsible for complex, large-scale change efforts..."
“The Change Leader’s Roadmap provides access to a rare experience: creating real, transformational change in a grounded, easy-to-understand manner. This is a must for anyone responsible for complex, large-scale change efforts.”
Debbie King
Organization Development Leader
Kaiser Permanente
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"The most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully..."
“Even the expert and experienced change practitioner will be humbled by this approach. It brings together the most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully, but more importantly, it fills the gap we all fundamentally need—how to move ourselves and our organizations to achieve transformative change.”
Polly Ragusa
Director, Organization and Learning Development


Want to apply effective change methodologies?

Let’s discuss how our guidance systems can support your transformation.

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The Ask Dr. Change Podcast

with Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Ask Dr. Change is a thought-provoking and insightful podcast designed to provide you with proven invaluable guidance on transformational change within organizations, communities and large systems.
We tackle the tough questions and challenges faced by millions of leaders and consultants worldwide striving to make critical transformational changes.


Awake at the Wheel: Moving Beyond Change Management to Conscious Change Leadership

eBook - Moving Beyond Change Management
Download eBook

This eBook outlines a new leadership paradigm, skills and methods to achieve breakthrough in business results, culture and leadership in all your complex change efforts.

Recommended for CEO’s, C-Suite executives, change sponsors, project managers, change managers, executive coaches, and other change leaders and professionals.

Authors: Drs. Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dean Anderson


What it Takes to Go Beyond Change Management

Download Presentation

This webinar delves into the skills and knowledge of the strategic change consulting role, which can expand the positioning and brand of change management in significant ways.

Once you see where you can add additional value, without rocking the boat, you can do just that, beyond the confines of traditional change management.

Instructor: Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson


Scales of Breakthrough: Personal, Team, Organizational, Communities

Download Presentation
Executive leaders are responsible for their teams to reach certain goals towards their organization’s vision. No matter what your pursuit – personal, relational, team, organizational, or community – in this webinar we explore the consistent human and process dynamics of transformation involved that play out in all levels of scale that help you reach your vision.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson

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