Generate breakthroughs in your leaders to produce breakthroughs in your organization.

After 40 years of developing leaders, we’ve come to a fundamental conclusion – sustained breakthroughs in organizational performance are impossible without fundamental breakthroughs in leadership mindset and behavior.
Conscious leadership is essential.

We provide a unique – often life-changing –
approach to executive and leadership development.

Increasing your leaders’ self-mastery will radically improve their performance and contribution.

Self-mastery is mindfulness on steroids. It teaches leaders how to become aware of, manage and transform self-limiting mindsets and behavior. It develops their ability to manage their mind and emotions and operate in the “flow” of optimal performance, even under stress.

We can unleash your leader’s full potential to contribute by developing their self-mastery.

Developing your leaders “vertically” will increase their ability to innovate and solve strategic challenges.

Vertical development expands leaders’ world-views. It enables them to see beyond limiting mindsets to discover bigger perspectives. They see inter-dependencies and distant and delayed impacts that generate solutions. They become more inclusive and innovative in their thinking and Way of Being. They become able to solve previously unsolvable strategic challenges.

We have been pioneering vertical leadership development for nearly 40 years, and can help your leaders grow in this profound way.

Developing “co-creative” leadership skills will up-level performance in your leaders, teams and workforce.

Co-creating means working together across hierarchical or functional boundaries to produce optimal results for your organization and customers. Co-creative leaders and teams develop a quality of trust, cooperation, communication, support and alignment that is far beyond the norm. Co-creating is a way of working together that brings out the best in people and produces the best results possible.

We can help develop a co-creative way of being, working, and relating in your leaders and teams that will deliver their best.

Which leadership and team outcomes can we help you produce?


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"Equips and encourages leaders to understand how to deliver breakthrough results..."
“Transformative times require transforming the way we change. The Being First approach challenges, equips and encourages leaders to understand how to deliver breakthrough results. It is not just about change…it is about YOU as a leader in these transformative times.”
Todd D. Jick
Professor, Columbia Business School
President, Global Leadership Services
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"Extraordinary results are produced through great teamwork and commitment..."
“Being First guides executives through the paradigm shift and steps of Conscious Change Leadership where extraordinary results are produced through great teamwork and commitment, again and again.“
Barbara Plumley
VP, Regional Operations
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
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"Enabled and empowered our managers to lead our company through transformational change..."
“Being First provided excellent insight to our staff, providing the tools and skillsets necessary to our managers, enabling and empowering them to lead our company through transformational change.”
Carolyn Young
AVP, Finance
Servus Credit Union
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"I recommend this approach to any leader...”
“Being First has developed a very rare business approach to change. They provide a relevant and practical guidance system for developing capability to manage change as a strategic advantage. I recommend this approach to any leader who is responsible for driving change in their organization.”
James Hereford
EVP, Group Practice Division, Group Health Cooperative
Kaiser Permanente
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"A unique way of engaging you in the journey toward personal mastery and organizational excellence..."
“Being First has a unique way of engaging you in the journey toward personal mastery and organizational excellence. You leave the experience with hope and a clear picture of how to proceed.”
Jack Healy
United Way of Greater New Haven
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"Strategies and tools for leaders using strategic change as a competitive advantage..."
“Being First captures the science and the art of orchestrating organizational change by providing both practical and insightful strategies and tools for leaders who must use strategic change as a thoughtful competitive advantage.”
Jackie Alcalde Marr
Director, Org and Talent Development
Oracle US
"This work balances the heart andhead work that's necessary to lead change..."
“The key differentiator of Being First's work is that it balances the heart and head work that is necessary to lead change in a way that doesn't scare away your stakeholders!”
Amy Keil
Community by Design

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WEBINAR How Visionary Leaders Build Trust in Their Teams

Building trust in an organization takes more than hanging a motivational poster on a wall or having a leader who says all the “right” things. Effective, lasting trust can only be authentically developed; it’s never the result of technique. This webinar explores how to embed trust into teams and organizational culture. We identify the critical skills a visionary leader uses to take a group of individuals who are out for their own agendas and develop them into a high performing team that is in sync and breaking through to new levels of excellence.

Instructor: Andrew Johnson

Download Presentation

The 10 Key Strategies to Leading Transformation Successfully

These transformation strategies are cutting-edge and proven to ensure full adoption and sustainment of desired results. They provide a systematic approach to consciously leading people through the complexities of transformation with the least cost to them personally, to the organization and the people it serves.
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The 10 Key Strategies for Leading Transformation Successfully

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