Together, let’s change the world.

Our world as we know it is in jeopardy. The war on each other and our environment challenges our very existence. We need to work together and take on our most pressing social and environmental challenges so we can leave a healthy world in which our children and future generations can thrive.

Together, we can change the world’s trajectory.

Consciously evolving ourselves is the foundation for global solutions.

As individuals, we need to wake up and intentionally grow ourselves “vertically” – from the inside out. We need to become self-aware, open our minds and transform our beliefs. We must evolve beyond our ego’s self-interest and personal need to be right. By expanding our consciousness and living into larger, more inclusive perspectives and worldviews, we can discover solutions not yet found.

We choose to serve community and world leaders by helping them grow from the inside out.

Meeting our collective challenges requires us to co-create.

Innovation is most prevalent when we bring multiple perspectives together. This always generates greater insight. In order to solve our social and environmental challenges, we need to work together across boundaries. We need to listen more deeply to one another and speak more openly and truthfully. We need to put differences aside and seek to live in harmony with each other and our environment.

We choose to support community and world leaders by teaching them how to co-create more effectively.

Our social and environmental challenges require Conscious Change Leadership skills, strategies and methods.

As Einstein so eloquently said, “We cannot solve our problems from the same level of consciousness that created them.”

Our conventional worldview has given rise to our massive social and environmental challenges. Inter-national relations, global governance and our political and economic structures are all built on this existing paradigm. So are mainstream leadership strategies, and they are not sufficient. We need more progressive change leadership skills, methods and tools.

We choose to support community and world leaders by teaching them the mindsets, skills and methods of Conscious Change Leadership.

At Being First, we want to serve.

At Being First, our vision is to “be significant contributors to the transformation of humanity toward greater empowerment of people, social and economic justice, and environmental health and sustainability.” For 40 years, we’ve honed our craft of Conscious Change Leadership on the playing fields of organization, culture and leadership transformation. We believe the human and organizational dynamics in those settings apply directly to the larger complexities of global change. We choose to serve humanity and the planet. We want to support highly leveraged social justice and environmental sustainability causes wherever they exist. We bring an unconditional commitment, four decades of experience and our full suite of services and resources.

We are available to develop Conscious Change Leaders, build multi-stakeholder partnerships and apply our Approach to co-creating solutions to our collective challenges.

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"Provided the framework for transforming our United Way and my home community...:"
“Being First’s Leading Transformation program has provided me a solid organization-wide framework for transforming our United Way along with the opportunity to apply the new knowledge to my home community.”
Bob Ivory
VP, Community Building
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
"This work balances the heart and head work that's necessary to lead change..."
“The key differentiator of Being First's work is that it balances the heart and head work that is necessary to lead change in a way that doesn't scare away your stakeholders!”
Amy Keil
Community by Design
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"Extraordinary results are produced through great teamwork and commitment..."
“Being First guides executives through the paradigm shift and steps of Conscious Change Leadership where extraordinary results are produced through great teamwork and commitment, again and again.“
Barbara Plumley
VP, Regional Operations
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
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"Essential for anyone managing complex change..."
“This approach is essential for anyone managing complex change, especially today’s healthcare leaders. It's a comprehensive and practical system that will significantly increase your likelihood of success and lower your risk of costly setbacks. Based on 15 years of experience managing complex clinical and operational change, I highly recommend Being First.”
John Haughom
MD, Senior VP, Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
Peace Heatlh
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"The most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully..."
“This course has prompted me to think positively and proactively about the role I can play within my organization to lead and support critical change. Thanks for the shot of empowerment!”
Emily DeMaria
Director, Community Impact Initiatives
United Way of America
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"They inspired us to create genuine transformational change..."
“Being First provided us with the catalyst with which we jump-started our Allied Command Transformation’s approach to our transformational journey. The Being First team inspired our multinational middle and senior management community, and provided us with the means with which we could bind the tremendously rich mix of cultures in NATO together, and then create genuine transformational change.”
Tony Johnstone-Burt
Former Chief of Staff
NATO’s Allied Command Transformation
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"Useful insight into how to address the dynamics of transformational change..."
“The Change Leader's Roadmap provided very useful insight into how to address the dynamics of transformational change. It also was a valuable lesson on the importance of my role in successful transformational change.”
John Bishop
VP of Operations
State Farm Insurance
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"I recommend Being First for transformational success..."
"Being First performed solid change leadership work for us leading up to our reorganization. I would recommend them for any support you need for transformational success."
Michael Parks
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"A must for anyone responsible for complex, large-scale change efforts..."
“The Change Leader’s Roadmap provides access to a rare experience: creating real, transformational change in a grounded, easy-to-understand manner. This is a must for anyone responsible for complex, large-scale change efforts.”
Debbie King
Organization Development Leader
Kaiser Permanente

How can we support your social justice and environmental health efforts?

If you sense that our work can support your social justice and environmental health efforts, please contact us to discuss how.

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The 10 Key Strategies to Leading Transformation Successfully

These transformation strategies are cutting-edge and proven to ensure full adoption and sustainment of desired results. They provide a systematic approach to consciously leading people through the complexities of transformation with the least cost to them personally, to the organization and the people it serves.

How to Use a Culture Champion Network to Maximize Stakeholder Engagement in Transformation

Discover one of the most powerful engagement strategies for culture change. Hear directly from leaders at York Regional Police who created a Culture Change Champion Network with over 100 volunteers who helped maximize stakeholder engagement across their organization.

WEBINAR Scales of Breakthrough: Personal, Team, Organizational, Communities

Executive leaders are responsible for their teams to reach certain goals towards their organization’s vision. No matter what your pursuit – personal, relational, team, organizational, or community – in this webinar we explore the consistent human and process dynamics of transformation involved that play out in all levels of scale that help you reach your vision.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson

Download Presentation
Download Presentation

WEBINAR Vertical Leadership Development: The Answer to Today’s Organizational and Social Challenges

Our organizations – and our world – need leaders with greater vertical development. This webinar provides an overview of vertical leadership development, and provides proven insights into how to implement this approach in your organization.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson

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The 10 Key Strategies for Leading Transformation Successfully

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