Your strategic change initiative will deliver your desired business and cultural results – with full adoption and sustainment by your stakeholders.

Ensure successful adoption and sustainment in all your strategic change initiatives.

It’s insane that over 60% of organizational change initiatives fail, especially when we account for the vast human, capital and lost opportunity costs embedded in those failures. The insanity is further exacerbated when leaders continue to use the same outdated methods. A more innovative approach is required.

Our guidance, training, support and methodologies can ensure that all the strategic change initiatives you lead are successful, even the most complex and challenging.

Develop mastery in Conscious Change Leadership and ensure your change initiative delivers.

We can help you develop Conscious Change Leadership capability. With this core competency, you become able to navigate the complexity of large systems change with deep expertise. You develop greater perspective to see solutions so you can solve key strategic and operational challenges as they arise. You acquire an advanced change process methodology that guides you in how to design and implement all types of change. And you develop the ability to lead “co-creatively,” instilling commitment across diverse stakeholder groups.

Be guided by a proven change process operating system.

We teach you how to use The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM) to ensure success leading your change initiatives. The CLRM is a strategic navigation system that provides the underlying operating system for designing and implementing any type, scale or content of organizational change. It guides you and your project team in how to lead your initiative successfully from start to finish.

The CLRM is a fully customizable “thinking discipline” that informs your planning and execution. It’s like having an expert change consultant at your side at all times. It immediately raises your change leadership skill, so you can deliver full adoption and sustainment of both business and cultural results from your change initiative.

Get the strategic advice you need to guarantee successful change results.

We can partner to advise you and guide the strategic design and implementation of your initiative.  Our strategy is to work at your side for as long as needed to teach you what we do. This is aided significantly by your development as a Conscious Change Leader and your use of the CLRM. It ensures that you deliver results on your current initiative while building a high level of change leadership capability that will serve the rest of your career.

Which strategic change initiatives would benefit from our support?

Free Online Course

Transform & Achieve Breakthrough:

An Intro to Conscious Change Leadership


This free self-paced course introduces you to how to achieve breakthrough results in yourself, your organization and / or community. 

You’ll learn what breakthrough is, why transformation is required to achieve it, and how to develop the necessary transformational leadership skills through Conscious Change Leadership. By the end of this course you will better understand this profound new way of thinking about, framing and addressing human performance and organization transformation.

We can help you succeed at change.

Applying the insights of Conscious Change Leadership and using The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM) to design and implement your strategic change initiative delivers significant benefits:

Conscious Change Leadership is an advanced capability that enables leaders to lead transformation successfully.

Our Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology guides leaders to design and implement any type of strategic change.


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"Strategies and tools for leaders using strategic change as a competitive advantage..."
“Being First captures the science and the art of orchestrating organizational change by providing both practical and insightful strategies and tools for leaders who must use strategic change as a thoughtful competitive advantage.”
Jackie Alcalde Marr
Director, Org and Talent Development
Oracle US
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"I recommend this approach to any leader...”
“Being First has developed a very rare business approach to change. They provide a relevant and practical guidance system for developing capability to manage change as a strategic advantage. I recommend this approach to any leader who is responsible for driving change in their organization.”
James Hereford
EVP, Group Practice Division, Group Health Cooperative
Kaiser Permanente
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"Essential for anyone managing complex change..."
“This approach is essential for anyone managing complex change, especially today’s healthcare leaders. It's a comprehensive and practical system that will significantly increase your likelihood of success and lower your risk of costly setbacks. Based on 15 years of experience managing complex clinical and operational change, I highly recommend Being First.”
John Haughom
MD, Senior VP, Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
Peace Heatlh
“Being First guides leaders safely through the turbulence of leading change..."
“Being First guides leaders safely through the turbulence of leading change, helping them mitigate the transformational dangers of overwhelm, chaos and uncertainty. Whether you are launching new products, restructuring, cutting costs or growing, you’ll learn how to take effective action with confidence.”
Faith Ralston
Faith Ralston and Company
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"An approach based on decades of experience for executives leading strategy..."
“Based on decades of experience, Being First draws you into the world of what’s possible in change. Our development was engaging, tangible, practical and compelling! Their approach is applicable to executives leading strategy, Operations, change consultants and Learning and Development specialists.”
Barbara Plumley
VP, Regional Operations
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
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"A thinking discipline for how I support change initiatives across our enterprise...”
“After 18 months using our license to The Change Leader's Roadmap, we realize it is not just a resource we can access every day to support our execution of specific changes but has become a thinking discipline for how I support change initiatives across our enterprise.”
Deb Chobotuk
Corporate Organization Development Specialist
Saskatoon Health Region
"Unquestionably the best transformational change approach I have found..."
“Being First provides - unquestionably - the best transformational change approach I have found in 20 years working with organizations. They have a comprehensive blueprint for well planned, results-oriented change that balances discipline, innovation and the human dynamics of change.”
Nancy Dill
Business Solutions Consulting
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"The most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully..."
“Even the expert and experienced change practitioner will be humbled by this approach. It brings together the most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully, but more importantly, it fills the gap we all fundamentally need—how to move ourselves and our organizations to achieve transformative change.”
Polly Ragusa
Director, Organization and Learning Development
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"Enabled and empowered our managers to lead our company through transformational change..."
“Being First provided excellent insight to our staff, providing the tools and skillsets necessary to our managers, enabling and empowering them to lead our company through transformational change.”
Carolyn Young
AVP, Finance
Servus Credit Union
"Their approach makes the change leadership process understandable, clear, and actionable—so you can succeed..."
“Being First brings its many decades of practical experience in supporting leaders in system-wide change to their Approach. It makes explicit the relationships among mindset, leadership actions, project planning, and complex change. While it's never easy to accomplish complex change at an enterprise level, their Approach makes the change leadership process understandable, clear, and actionable—so you can succeed.”
Katheryn Goldman Schuyler, Ph.D.
Marshal Goldsmith School of Management
Alliant International University
"The most comprehensive set of strategies and tools I have come across globally..."
“The Change Leader's Roadmap is the most comprehensive set of strategies and tools I have come across globally and the most practical in its guidance toward understanding what works best in each individual situation.”
Christian Forthomme
Real Change Network, Inc.

Given the global pandemic, digitization and our social, economic, and environmental challenges, continual change and transformation is our new normal. Thriving in this complexity requires masterful change leadership skills.

Join the two masters of transformation to learn their best practices, culled from 40 years of being strategic advisors to senior executives in Fortune 500, government, and global NGO organizations. Individually and collectively, these key strategies will generate a paradigm shift in your approach to change.

Learning these strategies will significantly increase your personal presence and capability as a corporate, government or community leader, activist, or change consultant. They will forever up-level the way you both think about and lead transformation.

Ready to up-level how you lead strategic initiatives?

Let’s discuss how to make sure your strategic initiatives succeed.

Give us a call:



What It Take to Go Beyond Change Management

This webinar delves into the skills and knowledge of the strategic change consulting role, which can extend the positioning and brand of change management in substantial ways.

This approach helps you support the success of projects by helping to shape governance, an accurate scope, and the integrated design of solutions that stakeholders will adopt and endorse while ensuring that cultural imperatives get addressed from the get-go.


The 10 Key Strategies for Leading Transformation Successfully

These transformation strategies are cutting-edge and proven to ensure full adoption and sustainment of desired results. They provide a systematic approach to consciously leading people through the complexities of transformation with the least cost to them personally, to the organization and the people it serves.


Buidling Change Capability: Leading Change as a Strategic Discipline

Strong change capability is vital to organizational success. The evidence is clear that we need to be better at leading and delivering on change. This white paper explores how to build your organization’s change capability through leading change as a strategic organizational discipline.
Download White Paper
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The 10 Key Strategies for Leading Transformation Successfully

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