Successfully transform your organization.

How can we promise successful organization transformation when 60-70% of these efforts fail? It’s simple. We’ve been transformational advisors to the C-Suite for 40 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, what you must include in your transformation strategy and what you can leave out.  

We can partner with you to transform your organization
to deliver breakthroughs in business results, culture and leadership.

Successful organization transformation requires greater attention to people.

Conventional approaches like change management, project management, Agile, LEAN, Six Sigma, and others are useful, but partial. They address some aspects of transformation, but neglect many critical success factors. For one, greater attention to the human factors – leadership mindset and behavior, culture change and early stakeholder engagement and communications – are necessary.

We can guide you to optimally attend to people during transformation.

Organization transformation requires a more complete and flexible strategic guidance system.

Traditional approaches to change are often linear, inflexible and focus only on the “content” of change. They cannot adjust to the constant course corrections the complexities of organization transformation present, do not address the entire change process and under-attend to people. More robust change methodologies are required.

Our Breakthrough Process guides your enterprise transformation and culture change.

Our Change Leader’s Roadmap guides your strategic change initiatives that support enterprise transformation.

Organization transformation requires advanced change leadership skills.

Leading transformation is complex. There are many moving parts, a long timeline, and conflicting needs and agendas. Leadership alignment often fluctuates. Stakeholder commitment is usually all over the map, and resistance abounds. Most often, people don’t have the capacity to add this huge undertaking to their already overflowing plates. A significant increase in change leadership skill is required.

We can teach your leaders the Conscious Change Leadership mindsets, skills and methods that ensure greater success.

What aspect of organization transformation can we help you achieve?

Our Approach provides all you need.

Our Approach provides all you need.


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"A practical approach to large-scale change and transformation..."
“If you've been searching for a practical approach to large-scale change and transformation, the Being First Approach is it.”
Sue G. Murphy
Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center
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"Being First raises the bar for organization transformation..."
“I believe Being First raises the bar for organizational transformation. Their in-depth understanding and comprehensive approach support anyone leading organizational change to enhance the possibility of immediate results and creating sustained capability.”
John D. Carter, Ph.D.
Gestalt Center for Organizational and Systems Development
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"Enormously helpful in organizing and succeeding in our transformation..."
“Change is constant in healthcare. Being First’s work has been enormously helpful to us in organizing and succeeding in our transformational change agenda.”
Alan Yordy
President and Chief Mission Officer
Peace Health
DTE Energy
"We beat our goal by $8 Million using the Being First approach..."
"We set a goal of achieving $100 Million in new net income over five years using the Being First approach. We beat it by $8 Million!"
John Lobbia
Former CEO
DTE Energy
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"Unquestionably the experts in LEADING transformation in business...”
“Being First has broken the code by integrating the leadership of people and culture with business content to deliver results from organizational change. They are unquestionably the experts in LEADING transformation in business.”
Pete Fox
GM, Corporate Accounts
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"They inspired us to create genuine transformational change..."
“Being First provided us with the catalyst with which we jump-started our Allied Command Transformation’s approach to our transformational journey. The Being First team inspired our multinational middle and senior management community, and provided us with the means with which we could bind the tremendously rich mix of cultures in NATO together, and then create genuine transformational change.”
Tony Johnstone-Burt
Former Chief of Staff
NATO’s Allied Command Transformation
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"Essential for anyone managing complex change..."
“This approach is essential for anyone managing complex change, especially today’s healthcare leaders. It's a comprehensive and practical system that will significantly increase your likelihood of success and lower your risk of costly setbacks. Based on 15 years of experience managing complex clinical and operational change, I highly recommend Being First.”
John Haughom
MD, Senior VP, Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
Peace Heatlh
“Being First guides leaders safely through the turbulence of leading change..."
“Being First guides leaders safely through the turbulence of leading change, helping them mitigate the transformational dangers of overwhelm, chaos and uncertainty. Whether you are launching new products, restructuring, cutting costs or growing, you’ll learn how to take effective action with confidence.”
Faith Ralston
Faith Ralston and Company
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"Useful insight into how to address the dynamics of transformational change..."
“The Change Leader's Roadmap provided very useful insight into how to address the dynamics of transformational change. It also was a valuable lesson on the importance of my role in successful transformational change.”
John Bishop
VP of Operations
State Farm Insurance
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"A must for anyone responsible for complex, large-scale change efforts..."
“The Change Leader’s Roadmap provides access to a rare experience: creating real, transformational change in a grounded, easy-to-understand manner. This is a must for anyone responsible for complex, large-scale change efforts.”
Debbie King
Organization Development Leader
Kaiser Permanente
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"The most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully..."
“Even the expert and experienced change practitioner will be humbled by this approach. It brings together the most relevant and applicable approaches to advancing change successfully, but more importantly, it fills the gap we all fundamentally need—how to move ourselves and our organizations to achieve transformative change.”
Polly Ragusa
Director, Organization and Learning Development
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"Being First has spent a lifetime researching, learning and practicing organizational change..."
“There is no question that Being First has spent a lifetime researching, learning and practicing organizational change. Their content is very rich and their teaching style made our learning and application very meaningful.”
Kathy Martin
Divisional VP of Human Resources
Canadian Tire Retail

Given the global pandemic, digitization and our social, economic, and environmental challenges, continual change and transformation is our new normal. Thriving in this complexity requires masterful change leadership skills.

Join the two masters of transformation to learn their best practices, culled from 40 years of being strategic advisors to senior executives in Fortune 500, government, and global NGO organizations. Individually and collectively, these key strategies will generate a paradigm shift in your approach to change.

Learning these strategies will significantly increase your personal presence and capability as a corporate, government or community leader, activist, or change consultant. They will forever up-level the way you both think about and lead transformation.

Want to learn more?

Let’s discuss how we can help you successfully transform your organization.

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The 10 Key Strategies to Leading Transformation Successfully

These transformation strategies are cutting-edge and proven to ensure full adoption and sustainment of desired results. They provide a systematic approach to consciously leading people through the complexities of transformation with the least cost to them personally, to the organization and the people it serves.


Awake at the Wheel: Moving Beyond Change Management to Conscious Change Leadership

Download eBook

This eBook outlines a new leadership paradigm, skills and methods to achieve breakthrough in business results, culture and leadership in all your complex change efforts.

Recommended for CEO’s, C-Suite executives, change sponsors, project managers, change managers, executive coaches, and other change leaders and professionals.

Authors: Drs. Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dean Anderson


Scales of Breakthrough: Personal, Team, Organizational, Communities

Download Presentation

Executive leaders are responsible for their teams to reach certain goals towards their organization’s vision. 

No matter what your pursuit – personal, relational, team, organizational, or community – in this webinar we explore the consistent human and process dynamics of transformation involved that play out in all levels of scale that help you reach your vision.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson


What It Take to Go Beyond Change Management

Download Presentation

This webinar delves into the skills and knowledge of the strategic change consulting role, which can extend the positioning and brand of change management in substantial ways.

This approach helps you support the success of projects by helping to shape governance, an accurate scope, and the integrated design of solutions that stakeholders will adopt and endorse while ensuring that cultural imperatives get addressed from the get-go.

Instructor: Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

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The 10 Key Strategies for Leading Transformation Successfully

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