Healthcare System Masters the Overwhelm of Too Much Change

“Being First has guided our senior leadership through training and working sessions that tremendously improved our planning process and ability to manage our strategic change initiatives more effectively. They supported us to generate honest and constructive input from our leaders, and greatly enhanced the capacity and capability of the organization to succeed at change.”


The executives of a major provincial healthcare system were acutely aware that too much change was going on in their organization. They were concerned about burnout among their clinical and administrative staff, failure in their key change initiatives, and the integrity of their operations with so many changes underway.

They initially counted over 200 hundred initiatives! Through a sorting and prioritization process, they reduced the number to 58, which was still an overwhelming number of projects to undertake with success.

The leaders engaged Being First to help them manage capacity by further reducing and streamlining the number of initiatives, developing expertise in leading change, and establishing a system to manage the number of changes as an embedded leadership process and skill


We partnered directly with the CEO who was deeply concerned and supportive of this effort. We provided an assessment of their change history to pin-point the patterns and risk factors in how they were currently leading change. We reviewed the results – which were all sub-par – with the senior leadership team as a part of their introductory training in Conscious Change Leadership.

The leaders’ insights prompted them to commit to a three-fold process: 1) further reduce the number of initiatives they were asking of the organization; 2) design an Enterprise Change Agenda system to manage how projects got determined, prioritized, sequenced, paced, resourced, and monitored across the organization; and 3) up-level the approach to leading change on their existing priority projects.

After training the senior leaders, we trained the change leaders and project teams of their current initiatives and supported them to learn, tailor, and apply The Change Leader’s Roadmap methodology, which the organization licensed. We coached them to build an effective Enterprise Change Agenda system for managing capacity in their organization.

Working with the director of change, we designed a process to:


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