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Leadership Breakthrough is a powerful development process designed to catalyze breakthrough in leaders, teams and their organizations.A Message from the Program Founder
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 Program Overview

A powerful executive development program that transforms leaders and teams.

Leadership Breakthrough is affectionately called “Walk the Talk” by our clients because it enables them to do just that – to consistently express their Best Self in their daily actions. 

The purpose of Walk the Talk is to catalyze breakthroughs in leaders’ awareness, behavior and skill that radically improve the quality of their performance, relationships and team performance. It up-levels their ability to lead their organizations to extraordinary business and cultural outcomes.

The fundamental principle of this program is that all human excellence comes from within, from one’s ability to access higher states of Being, often referred to in sports as the “zone” or “flow.” It teaches leaders the inner dynamics of optimal performance and human development, and how to develop themselves from the inside out to increase their Self-Mastery.

What makes this program so powerful?

Walk the Talk catalyzes breakthroughs in your mindset and behavior to generate breakthroughs in both your work performance and personal life. 

Achieve Leadership Breakthroughs

Achieve Team Breakthroughs

When you develop yourself from the inside out, giant leaps in performance become possible.

Identify the personal breakthrough that will unleash your performance in everything you do.

When you enter Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change, you are supported by a personal coach to identify your breakthrough – the most essential change you can make in yourself that will positively impact everything, not just in your leadership, but in your life.

Develop self-awareness of the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that block your performance and breakthrough.

Like every human being, you have a comfort zone, a habitual way you see yourself, others and the world. This determines how you engage. Some of your patterns are positive. Others are not.

With our help, in Walk the Talk you discover your edges, so you can grow beyond them to greater levels of personal excellence.

Bust out of your comfort zone, through your self-limiting patterns and performance ceilings.

Learn how to transform your self-limiting mindsets, emotional and behavioral patterns.

This enables you to adopt new, more effective perspectives and worldviews, and new ways of being, working and relating. It opens new horizons of performance, leadership and transformation.

Develop the ability to manage your inner state and operate from the optimal state of mind, in the “flow” of high performance.

Learn the inner dynamics of high performance and how to manage your inner state to access what Olympic athletes call the “flow” or “zone.”

Imagine being able to remain centered, calm, focused, and confident in the midst of your greatest challenges – even in situations that currently trigger you emotionally. Think of how you would apply this capability to all aspects of your leadership and life.

Develop your relationship skills and be a member of the most sensational team you’ve ever experienced.

Communication is the grease in every human endeavor. Openness, speaking one’s truth and listening for understanding without judgment – these behaviors are what makes teams thrive. Imagine your team with a new level of communication, trust, collaboration and alignment.

What could you accomplish then?

Solve your most pressing strategic challenges and lead your organization’s transformation.

The sum of all this growth and development is breakthrough – individually, in relationships, and in your team. And these breakthroughs can be applied to solving your organization’s biggest challenges – no matter what they are.

When you and your team members consistently bring your best game, success is virtually guaranteed.

You become unstoppable.

Gain leadership superpowers that less than 5% of humanity currently possess.

Achieving your personal breakthrough develops rare and well sought-after leadership traits. It expands your mindset and worldview, so you can solve complex 21st Century challenges.

You become a transformational leader in the truest sense of the word because you learn to transform both yourself and your organization or community. This unleashes your ability to make your biggest contribution as a leader.

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Many leaders describe Walk the Talk as “life and career changing” because of its deeply personal nature and profound application to both business and personal life.

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How Leadership Breakthrough Catalyzed Culture Transformation with Executive Leaders of Loblaw – with Vicente Trius, President

Vicente Trius
"The impact this program had on our organization was enormous..."
"The impact this program had on our organization was enormous. It was instrumental in developing our high-performing executive team."
Vicente Trius
Tony Earley
"This had the most positive impact on my leadership and personal life..."
"This program has had the most positive impact on my leadership and personal life than any other in my entire career."
Tony Earley
Former CEO
DTE Energy & Pacific Gas & Electric
Farrokh 2 copy 2
"Leaders must change themselves to have a company breakthrough..."
"I learned how leaders need to have a change in themselves if they want to have a breakthrough in their company. "
Farrokh Khalili
Chairman & CEO
Canadian Bearings, Ltd.

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