Produce higher quality project outcomes faster – and at lower cost.

Successfully aligning diverse stakeholders and silo-based teams across organizational, functional or hierarchical boundaries is a challenge on large, complex projects. Stakeholders often have different agendas, motivations and goalsMiscommunication, conflicts, do-overs and even full-on breakdowns often occur.  

We can help you create a multi-stakeholder partnership –
an aligned team working collaboratively toward a common vision and shared goals.

Create unwavering commitment to a common vision in your project team.

No matter what type of project, we can help align your team to pursue overall project goals over their own self-interests. Reduce project conflicts, delays and missteps, and instead develop deep trust and mutual support in your team members, so the project succeeds – and the individual players win as well.  

Establish collaboration, transparency and mutual support as your new norms.

We can elevate your project team’s performance by radically improving your team members’ abilities to collaborate and work across boundaries. No more withholding information or disagreements that lead to project breakdowns. Rather, people openly stating their needs, fixing problems and supporting one another to produce results, all in service to the overall project’s success.

Empower your project team to solve its most complex challenges.

With more expansive mindsets, more collaborative behavior, and an advanced ability to lead change, your team will become able to solve your project’s biggest strategic challenges. Working together, they will effectively navigate all the complexities they face. 

Which types of partnerships do you need to improve?

Conditions for Success on Your Project

We can promise you high quality project outcomes more quickly, at lower cost, because we’ve successfully created multi-stakeholder partnerships on massive, complex projects for decades.

We can help you put these conditions for success in place for your projects to ensure highest quality outcomes.

Team Charter
Our Integral Chartering process transforms groups into teams by establishing common vision, mindsets, behaviors, and relational norms.
Trust and Accountability
We break the mistrust cycle. We teach the communication, collaboration and accountability skills required to deepen and sustain trust even during stress and challenge.
Personal Breakthroughs
We facilitate project team members to transform their mindsets and behavior that limit their ability to work collaboratively across boundaries.
Governance & Decision-Making
We solve the common power challenges by clarifying roles, responsibilities and levels and styles of decision-making throughout the project community. Everyone knows who owns what decisions, and when and how they will be made.
Desired Behavior, Culture and Mindsets
We provide personal and team practices that sustain the desired behaviors, mindsets and culture required to achieve breakthrough project results.
Contracts & Legal Agreements
We ensure agreements are consistent with and promote the desired behavior, collaboration and outcomes of the business partnership.
Meeting Effectiveness
We remove one of the greatest sources of frustration and wasted time on projects by ensuring your project meetings are extraordinarily effective.
Launch Methodology
We use our project launch methodology to ensure the critical conditions for success are in place right from the beginning.
Issue Resolution & Learning
We establish a learning orientation in your project community, so project deviations are seen as wake-up calls for working together to solve problems. No more blame and team dysfunction. Just results.
Trust &
Governance &
& Mindsets
Contracts &
Resolution &


We can promise high quality project outcomes more quickly, at lower cost, because we have successfully created multi-stakeholder partnerships on massive, complex projects for decades.

We can help you put the following conditions for success in place to ensure success on your project:



Culture Transformation Blazes the Trail to Modern Culture

In a climate of increased social pressures and awareness about diversity, inclusion and officer wellness, York Regional Police (YRP), a leading model of excellence in Canadian policing, proactively up-leveled their culture across their organization.


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“I have seen first-hand, amazing results for a multi-stakeholder partnership in a matter of days…”
“Being First’s Partnering approach is amazingly effective whether for a small project or for a multi-billion dollar, multi-stakeholder project! They have the unique ability to analyze a very complex situation and develop an effective Partnering approach in a very short period of time. I have seen first-hand, amazing results for a multi-stakeholder partnership in a matter of days.”
Art Washuta, P. Eng.
Vice President, Business Development
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"They're our first call when we need partnering architecture & execution on complex infrastructure..."
"Being First has been our first call to provide professional leadership of project partnering architecture and execution on complex infrastructure projects for years. They use a unique blend of science-based partnering theory and practical, pragmatic exercises and tools that bring project team members from all sides of the table together. Being First's approaches enable leaders to understand how trust and accountability are the foundation of a successful partnering program while providing the framework to ensure issues are identified and resolved quickly and with outcomes that help ensure we all win together."
Rodney Peacock, P.Eng.
President and CEO
ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
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"Extraordinary results are produced through great teamwork and commitment..."
“Being First guides executives through the paradigm shift and steps of Conscious Change Leadership where extraordinary results are produced through great teamwork and commitment, again and again.“
Barbara Plumley
VP, Regional Operations
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
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"Unquestionably the experts in LEADING transformation in business...”
“Being First has broken the code by integrating the leadership of people and culture with business content to deliver results from organizational change. They are unquestionably the experts in LEADING transformation in business.”
Pete Fox
GM, Corporate Accounts
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"Enabled and empowered our managers to lead our company through transformational change..."
“Being First provided excellent insight to our staff, providing the tools and skillsets necessary to our managers, enabling and empowering them to lead our company through transformational change.”
Carolyn Young
AVP, Finance
Servus Credit Union

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TOOL Clarifying Shared Accountability Partnership Agreements

Undoubtedly in your change effort, key executives must work effectively together to maximize success. If these key relationships break down, so do your chances of success.

This partnering tool is designed to help key players and teams build strong, sustainable relationships that will foster achievement and learning – simultaneously.

Download Tool
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WEBINAR How Visionary Leaders Build Trust in Their Teams

Building trust in an organization takes more than hanging a motivational poster on a wall or having a leader who says all the “right” things. Effective, lasting trust can only be authentically developed; it’s never the result of technique.

This webinar explores how to embed trust into teams and organizational culture. We identify the critical skills a visionary leader uses to take a group of individuals who are out for their own agendas and develop them into a high performing team that is in sync and breaking through to new levels of excellence.

Instructor: Andrew Johnson


The 10 Key Strategies to Leading Transformation Successfully

These transformation strategies are cutting-edge and proven to ensure full adoption and sustainment of desired results. They provide a systematic approach to consciously leading people through the complexities of transformation with the least cost to them personally, to the organization and the people it serves.

How to Use a Culture Champion Network to Maximize Stakeholder Engagement in Transformation

Discover one of the most powerful engagement strategies for culture change. Hear directly from leaders at York Regional Police who created a Culture Change Champion Network with over 100 volunteers who helped maximize stakeholder engagement across their organization.

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The 10 Key Strategies for Leading Transformation Successfully

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