Change Leadership Capability Improves Healthcare Performance

“I now have a much better understanding of our overall change strategy. The ideas and skills effectively imparted are directly applicable to my work. The focus on the CLR was new and refreshing, and I gained a lot of excitement for using this approach on my project!”


A large healthcare system with multiple hospitals and clinics was faced with a growing roster of required change initiatives to increase the organization’s performance. The leaders were worried about not being able to deliver the needed outcomes from these initiatives in a timely and cost-effective way. They needed a better approach to leading their changes that could be embedded across the entire system. They relied heavily on Project Management and Organization Development, but recognized that these approaches were not fully suited to the complex transformation they needed to make. They wanted an approach more inclusive of the people, culture, and evolving project requirements. A multi-disciplinary team was created to explore a better change method. Being First’s Change Leader’s Roadmap (CLR) methodology was selected as their approach to increase change leadership capability in the organization.


Our intent was to transfer our knowledge, skills and methodology to their project leaders, teams and internal practitioners so they could stand on their own to increase the effectiveness of their project outcomes. We started by piloting our approach for their Home Care initiative, which was both successful and aligned with their values and culture.

Next, we introduced the CLR to their leadership, and then to the change leaders of their most important initiatives. Given the positive outcomes they achieved, the team decided to license the CLR methodology so they could take full advantage of its breadth of resources and tailor it to their needs and culture.

The newly-hired director of change spear-headed the effort. We coached her regularly to ensure she had the deepest mastery of the CLR process and knew how best to tailor and apply it on the system’s projects.
Over the course of three years, we trained all their project leaders and teams in the CLR navigation system, including their Project Management and Organization Development practitioners. All trainings were project-applied. We also offered periodic learning clinics to ensure the best use of the CLR process and resources, and to optimize their change strategies and results.

In addition, we created a Change Integration strategy and team to address the interdependency issues among their initiatives of sequencing, pacing, potential conflicts, use of resources, and optimal communication and engagement strategies.


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