Parks Canada Transforms to Meet the Changing Needs of Canadians

“Being First has enabled us to navigate what was previously complex and uncharted territory. The progress of our transformational projects has been far more bountiful as a result.”
Alan Latourelle


Faced with declining visitation, changing demographics and leisure patterns and a tight business environment, Parks Canada had to re-brand the Agency to ensure its continued relevance to Canadians. Creating a clear vision for the future emerged as the overarching challenge facing the Agency. With the expansive geography that falls under its oversight, clarifying which issues carried the highest priority became a formidable task.

Increasing threats to the country’s natural and cultural heritage, along with market place competition, challenged Parks Canada to be able to deliver on its conservation, education and visitor experience mandate. Its leaders recognized that to establish a more compelling vision for the Agency, they needed to develop the change leadership capability to fulfill their mandate. It was also clear from satisfaction surveys that the culture of the Agency needed to more fully support and engage managers and employees.

Being First was engaged to help sort out these challenges and provide a common process to oversee the Agency’s transformation.


An executive Transformation Leader was identified to lead the entire renewal effort. A Renewal Team was established to oversee this work and the leadership development it required. The Renewal Team was trained in our Change Leader’s Roadmap (CLR) navigation system and was assisted by Being First consultants to get key decisions made and put in place an effective change infrastructure and process.

We re-prioritized 100 projects into 7 key change initiatives, established a change governance structure, and created cross-team reporting and communications which enabled change teams to handle integration requirements across various initiatives.

The Executive Team used our guidance and The Change Leader’s Roadmap to help them build the case for change, strengthen change leadership capability to lead the Renewal efforts and develop a clear vision for the future. Once the vision was in place, prioritizing the broad initiatives of the Agency became manageable, meaningful and foundational in beginning to shift the Agency’s culture.


Over the first two years and continuing through current, Parks Canada accomplished:

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Over the first two years and continuing through current, Parks Canada accomplished:

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