Advanced Conscious Change Leadership Development

Become a World-Class Conscious Change Leader or Consultant

4Sight is an advanced Conscious Change Leadership development process.

This program teaches you how to guide even the most complex organization transformations.
After graduating, you will become a much sought-after strategic change leader or consultant who has the solutions to leaders’ biggest challenges with transformation.

Gain Mastery in These Key Areas:

What Makes 4Sight So Powerful?

4Sight integrates two key areas:

Personal Transformation

Achieve personal breakthroughs in your own mindset, behavior and performance. Increase your self-mastery, understanding of human dynamics and ability to see solutions to complex challenges.

Organization Transformation

Learn to plan, design and implement transformational change that will deliver breakthrough business and cultural results with maximum adoption and sustainment.

The Four Essentials to
Leading Transformation

The foundation of 4Sight is based on learning the Four Sights, or essential ways of “seeing and perceiving” that enable Conscious Change Leaders to consistently design and lead transformation to achieve breakthrough results.

Seeing Systems

Seeing inter-dependencies and how parts and wholes interact to impact each other and the whole organization.

Seeing Process

Seeing how actions, events and perceptions unfold over time to impact each other and outcomes.

Seeing Internal and External Dynamics

Seeing how the inner human dynamics of mindset, emotion, and culture impact external results, and vice-versa.

Seeing Consciously

Being consciously aware of one’s mindset in action, and seeing beyond one’s own perspective to include other worldviews.

You will learn these key strategies and skills:

4Sight aligns with the ACMP's Standard for Change Management and adult education best practices.

The 4Sight program is recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course.

The Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works.

Participants in this program receive 60 hours of Professional Development Units (PDUs).

You will transform and
achieve personal breakthroughs:


Conscious Change Leadership and the Uniqueness of 4Sight

Military Leaders Discuss Culture, Organizational and Personal Transformation

Senior Change Consultants from Valcon Management Consulting Discuss 4Sight

How Integral Theory is Used and Applied in 4Sight

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"4Sight is all about how to lead culture change...”
“Others talk about culture, but they don’t tell you how to do it. 4Sight is all about how to do it.”
Matthew Hanson
Program & Project Director
NATO Allied Command Transformation
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"Immediate project application...”
“I’ve been able to apply everything I’ve learned here immediately.”
Lisa Richardson
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"The most unique training and development process...”
“I’ve been involved in training and development for most of my life. I have yet to come across anything quite like this.”
Neil McMullan
Head of Human Resources
NATO Allied Command Transformation

Graduates of 4Sight join a global community of Advanced Conscious Change Leaders

The Benefits of Being a 4Sight Alumni:

Inclusion in the 4Sight Community of Practice

Join a stellar group of world-class Conscious Change Leaders and consultants from around the world. Share best practices and generate ongoing peer-to-peer learning: contribute to them, learn from them, and expand your worldwide network of highly competent resources, colleagues, and friends. 

1-Year Free Access to a World-Class Methodology
As a graduate of 4Sight, you get one year of free access to the online Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM). After that, we put the power of price in your hands with our “My Choice Fee” option. At renewal time, you can choose your CLRM subscription rate based on your use and the value to you, your organization or clients.
Potential to get certified to deliver Being First training and development programs

Become a certified trainer of programs like Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change, The CLR Navigator’s School, Executive Change Lab, and Leading the Human Dynamics of Change.

Exclusive Alumni Breakthrough Retreats

Come to the Center for Achieving Breakthrough in Durango, Colorado to further your Conscious Change Leadership Development, reunite with friends, meet new colleagues, and co-create best practices.

Is 4Sight right for you?

Watch this free webinar with Drs. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson, co-creators of 4Sight and the authors of the cutting-edge books that introduced this new field of Conscious Change Leadership.

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