10 Strategies for Breakthrough Results

This course will super-charge your success as a transformational change leader or consultant. You'll learn the 10 essential strategies that virtually guarantee success in any organization or community transformation effort.

Learning these strategies will build your confidence and reduce stress and confusion by enabling you to solve your biggest transformational challenges.


Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson

Guarantee your success as a transformational change leader.

  • Learn how to avoid the common mistakes that cause 60-70% of organizational transformations to fail
  • Gain advanced insights, strategies and tools to navigate the most complex transformations
  • Consistently deliver desired transformational results on every change project
  • Get expert guidance and coaching on how best to apply best practices
  • Advance your transformational leadership skills far beyond conventional change management or project management methodologies
  • Learn the ten critical People and Change Process Design strategies required to succeed in any organization or community transformation
  • Complete this course knowing the most critical next steps to take for your transformational change effort to succeed

Learn the "HOW" of transformational change.

Research shows that 60-70% of all transformational change efforts fail. Why?

Because leaders and change consultants use conventional mindsets, methods and strategies that are partial and insufficient. Transformational Change is complex and needs a more advanced and robust approach. This course provides it.

The Leading Transformational Change program distills into 10 key strategies four decades of action research about what works and doesn’t work in leading transformation. If you fully deploy these strategies, your transformational change efforts will succeed. To the extent you neglect them, they will fail.

5 People Strategies

You learn five "Best Practice" People strategies that maximize leader and stakeholder commitment and engagement and reduce resistance.

5 Change Process Design Strategies

You learn five Change Process Design strategies for detailed step by step guidance for how-to govern, plan, design and implement transformation.

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Drastically up-level how you lead transformational change.

Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Operate with the mindset required for transformation to succeed
  • Guide leaders and stakeholders to align to transformational requirements
  • Identify the breadth of factors that impact transformational change
  • Assess your understanding, readiness and clarity of how to proceed
  • Explain why traditional approaches to change consistently cause transformation to fail
  • Implement best practices for change governance and roles
  • More clearly see your self-limiting mindsets about change leadership and how to get beyond them
  • Become a more effective Conscious Change Leader who models co-creative leadership practices
  • Understand how culture drives transformational change
  • Explain two essential change process models and the value of each to guide transformational projects at scale
  • Learn more about yourself as a change leader or consultant
  • Understand the unique requirements of transformational change
  • Grasp how The Change Leader’s Roadmap model guides your planning from start to finish ​
  • Identify the conditions required for transformational success
  • Discover why transformation requires addressing four key areas – mindset, behavior, culture and systems – as an integrated strategy
  • Understand the importance of early and ongoing leadership alignment
  • Learn how early stakeholder engagement optimizes adoption and sustainment of change results
  • Strengthen your change communications to increase positive stakeholder contribution
  • Understand how rapid course correction will streamline your change process
  • Identify how to maximize stakeholder commitment and minimize resistance
  • Take your insights into action

Graduates of this course receive 54 hours of Professional Development Units

This course aligns with the ACMP Standard for Change Management and adult education best practices. The Leading Transformational Change course is recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course and aligns with the ACMP Standard for Change Management and adult education best practices.

The Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works.


We will guide you step by step through the following topics during the live online instructor-led sessions:

Set the foundations for your optimal learning and application of course material. 

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Assumptions the Course Is Based On
  • Introduction to the Ten Strategies

Develop leader’s Self Mastery, ability to think big and model desired behavior.

Topics Covered:

  • Self-Mastery: What It is and How to Achieve It
  • Understanding that Mindset is Causative
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management Skills
  • Ego and Being
  • Self-Development Strategies
  • Vertical Leadership Development

Lead co-creatively to empower people and unleash their potential.

Topics Covered:

  • The Power and benefits of Co-Creative Leadership
  • Co-Creative Leadership versus Command-and-Control
  • The Principles of Co-Creating
  • How to Lead Co-Creatively
  • The Practices of Co-Creative Leaders

Ensure your leaders are aligned and engaged from start to finish.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining Commitment and Alignment
  • Why Leadership Commitment and Alignment Are Critical
  • How Leadership Style Impacts Levels of Commitment and Alignment
  • How to Get Leaders Committed and Aligned

Create your unified change strategy that integrates mindset, behavior, culture and system changes.

Topics Covered:

  • What Is a Change Strategy?
  • The 12 Elements of Change Strategy
  • How to Use Your Change Strategy

Govern your transformation with clear change leadership roles, an effective parallel structure and streamlined decision-making.

Topics Covered:

  • The Importance of Good Change Governance
  • Change Leadership Roles
  • Parallel Structures
  • Decision-Making
  • Interface with Ongoing Operations

Consciously design your change process using advanced navigation systems to ensure full adoption and sustainment of your desired results.

Topics Covered:

  • Typical Approaches to Change Project Planning
  • The Breakthrough Process
  • The Change Leader’s Roadmap

Learn the 12 critical strategies for culture change and why you must directly apply them to your transformation.

Topics Covered:

  • What Culture is and Why It is so Important to Transformational Change
  • Two Approaches to Transforming Culture
  • How to Make the Case for Real Culture Change
  • How to Make Culture Visible so You Can Change It
  • Twelve Strategies for Changing Culture

Go slow to go fast – take time to set up your conditions for success.

Topics Covered:

  • What Are Conditions for Success
  • Identifying Your Conditions for Success
  • Establishing and Monitoring Your Conditions for Success

Engage your stakeholders early to maximize their commitment and minimize resistance.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the Importance of Stakeholder Engagement in Transformation
  • Engagement Types and Vehicles
  • How to Create an Engagement Plan
  • Using Engagement to Generate a Critical Mass of Support for the Transformation
  • Minimizing Resistance: How Engagement Can Better Meet People’s Core Needs
  • Integrating Stakeholder Engagement and Change Communications

Establish a course correction mindset and system to keep your transformation on track and focused.

Topics Covered:

  • The Importance of Learning and Course Correction to the Success of Transformation
  • Designing a Course Correction Strategy and System
  • Helping Leaders Own and Implement a Course Correction System

Glean your most important insights and actions, and organize to put them to work!

Topics Covered:

  • Seeing the Whole
  • Reviewing Your Self-Assessments
  • Bringing Your Insights to Your Organization, Initiative or Community
  • Continuing Your Development

Course Schedule


Is this course for you?

This program will up-level your change leadership capabilities whether you are a corporate, government, community or military leader, social or environmental activist, or a change consultant of any sort.

You can enroll as an individual or as a team. We provide exercises for both, with specific guidance that helps teams deepen collective learning and application. Attending with your full change project team is a very wise decision. We highly suggest you participate with your teammates whenever possible so you can apply all your learning immediately to your project.

Come interact, learn and co-create with others like you who are committed to transformational change.


How this course is designed.

You will engage in 12 live Zoom sessions with Linda, Dean and other senior consultants from Being First’s Global Community of Practice. These sessions contain a wealth of information and resources that will enhance your thinking and deepen your understanding.

In virtual breakout sessions, you’ll expand your insights through continued inquiry and discussion with your peers. You’ll also participate in a private online learning community with fellow cohort members to deepen your learning and co-create together between live sessions.

You will also engage in online exercises in between live sessions to apply your learning to your specific change projects. Plus, you’ll have access to a multitude of online resources to deepen your learning after each live session.

By the end of the course, you’ll know the most critical next steps to take in your transformational change effort.


The cutting-edge approach you'll learn.


The cutting-edge approach you'll learn.

The foundation of this course is Conscious Change Leadership, a leading-edge Field of Study and Practice pioneered by your instructors, Dr. Dean Anderson and Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson. 

Conscious Change Leadership and Linda’s and Dean’s seminal books on this approach, Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results through Conscious Change Leadership and The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation, have been cited in over 600 academic and business papers and journals.

Both Linda and Dean received Honorary Doctoral degrees from Brandman University for catalyzing this emerging field and their innovative thought leadership in how to lead transformational change. Brandman University has the fastest-growing Transformational Leadership Doctoral Program in America, which is based on many of the methods of Conscious Change Leadership. 

In this course, you’ll learn about the key strategies of Conscious Change Leadership directly from the pioneers of this innovative field.

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Meet Your Instructors

Greetings! Since the early 1980’s, we’ve been guiding visionary corporate executives, military, government, and community leaders to successfully design and implement large transformational change initiatives.

The need for transformational change is more urgent now than ever. Our organizational, social, and environmental challenges require competent transformational leadership. We know that developing these skills is not easy. But we also know what it takes. In our consulting careers, we have seen what works and doesn’t work many times over.

Leading Transformational Change is our first online foundational program. We put lots of effort into making sure we compiled all of the best practices in transformation from the last four decades to give you everything you need to make an immediate difference now. It’s truly our privilege to share this knowledge with you.

- Linda & Dean

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is a founding leader of the Organization Transformation field. Dr. Ackerman Anderson brings 40+ years of experience in facilitating and teaching transformational change in Fortune 1000 businesses, governments, the military and large not-for-profit organizations. Linda’s passion is to equip leaders and consultants with the capability to create transformational change strategies that produce extraordinary business outcomes while transforming leadership mindset and culture. She co-authored with Dr. Dean Anderson the seminal books on Conscious Change Leadership, "Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results through Conscious Change Leadership" and "The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation."

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is the Co-Founder and VP of Being First, Inc.

Dr. Dean Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson is an international thought leader, speaker, bestselling author, and strategic advisor to the C-Suite. For 40 years, Dr. Anderson has been guiding transformational leaders of Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and global non-profit organizations to integrate the inner work of personal transformation and mindfulness with advanced methodologies that guides leaders in HOW to design and implement transformational change successfully. Dean is passionate about co-creation — the high-performance way of Being, working and relating that brings people of diverse perspectives together to solve complex challenges and produce breakthrough results for all.

Dr. Dean Anderson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Being First, Inc.

"The most comprehensive approach for leaders who are serious..."

"This is without question the most comprehensive approach for leaders who are serious about making organizational change a strategic discipline."

Jim Kouzes
Bestselling co-author of:
"The Leadership Challenge"
"Powerful business solutions to the current chaos facing many organizations today..."

“Being First provides powerful business solutions to the current chaos facing many organizations today. Their approach gets to the heart of change, the human dynamics, by offering timeless techniques and tools.”

Ken Blanchard
Co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies
Co-Author of "The One Minute Manager"
"The best integral approach to business transformation..."

“This is the best integral approach to business transformation ever written."

Ken Wilber
Co-founder of Integral Life
Author of "The Integral Vision"
"These thought leaders have devoted their careers to developing highly successful change leaders..."

“The founders of Being First are core to the field of Conscious Change Leadership. Their deep and rich approach continues to push its boundaries. Dean and Linda have devoted their careers to developing highly successful change leaders."

Beverly L. Kaye
CEO, Career Systems International
Author of "Love 'em or Loose 'em: Getting Good People to Stay"
"The masters of transformation...."

“The Being First Approach is about how to master leading the transformational change process developed by masters of the craft.“

Daryl Conner
Chariman, Conner Partners
Author of "Managing at the Speed of Change"
"A multi-dimensional approach to lead transformation masterfully and consciously..."

“Read Beyond Change Management to learn how to use Being First’s multi-dimensional approach to lead transformation masterfully and consciously!”

Marshal Goldsmith
Author of "What Got You Here Won't Get You There"
"A timely how-to guide for leading change in the 21st century..."

“The Being First Approach is a timely how-to guide for leading change in the 21st century. It provides both a conceptual roadmap and practical tools for successfully transforming organizations.”

Noel M. Tichy
Professor, University of Michigan
Co-Author of "Judgement: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls"
"The Being First Approach is a Must for All Executives..."

“The Being First Approach to change leadership is a must for all executives as it creates a comprehensive roadmap for change by offering key concepts, powerful insights, relevant examples and practical how-to’s.”

Richard Whiteley
Co-Founder, The Forum Corporation
Author of “The Customer Driven Company”
"The most comprehensive and systematic guide for change leadership ever created...“

The Being First Approach, essential for everyone involved in today's organizational change efforts, is the most comprehensive and systematic guide for change leadership ever created.“

John Adams, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor, Organizational Systems,
Ph.D. Program, Saybrook University

Enrollment Options

Historically this program has only been offered in-house to corporate clients for a fee of $87,500. To help make this information accessible to all leaders interested in transformation, we are excited to now provide this course online to drastically reduce the tuition while still up-leveling the quality you receive through the power of technology.

We offer various tuition tiers to accommodate virtually anyone’s financial needs. No one committed to learning how to transform themselves, their organization or community will ever be turned away from our training center for financial reasons. Please review our tuition tiers and My Choice Fees to see which best fits you.

All tuition options include:

  • 12 LIVE Instructor-Led 3.5-hour interactive online sessions with the pioneers of Conscious Change Leadership​
  • Self- Paced pre-work and in-between session work​
  • Access to advanced Tools and other Transformational Change Resources​
  • 6-months access to course materials and the Leading Transformational Change online community cohort to continue co-creating and learning with like-minded peers
  • Certificate of Completion and eligibility for The Change Leader's Roadmap® Methodology User Training​

Conference Attendee Tuition Special

A gift from us for your participation at this week's conference.
$ 2,000
Special discount expires October 31, 2020. Limited to 50 seats.
expires oct 31

Organizational Tuition

For attendees sent by their organization
$ 3,555
Includes 10% COVID Discount

Individual Tuition

For attendees paying out-of-pocket
$ 3,199
Includes 10% COVID Discount

Non-profit Tuition

For NGOs contributing to the evolution of humanity
$ 2,667
Includes 10% COVID Discount

Given the global pandemic, many of us currently face unprecedented challenges, yet the need for transformational leadership is more crucial than ever. We have automatically included a 10% discount on all tuition tiers to support you during this challenging time. If this discount still does not meet your needs and you’re actively contributing to the transformation of humanity, please consider applying for My Choice Fees below. 

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% “no questions asked” guarantee policy on all of our courses, programs, and materials. If you ever – at any time – want a refund for any reason, we will give it to you. Why? Because we trust you and know you will be sensible. If we did not meet your needs, then we don’t deserve your hard-earned money. It is as simple as that.

My Choice Fees

Money is not the only currency of meaning for us. Service to humanity and planet is equally important. If you have the deep commitment to learn and build your transformational leadership or consulting expertise, but do not currently have the funds, then please apply for a scholarship. If our scholarship fund is empty, then you can set your own tuition and/or payment plan. We call this, My Choice Fees.

Interested in a private course for your team or organization?

Give us a call to discuss your options or schedule a free consultation below.

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Leading Transformational Change

January 2021 Cohort 1
All sessions are held on Tuesdays from 7:00-10:30am Pacific Standard Time.


  • Session 1: January 12th 
  • Session 2: January 19th 
  • Session 3: January 26th 
  • Session 4: February 2nd 
  • Session 5: February 9th 
  • Session 6: February 16th 
  • Session 7: February 23rd 
  • Session 8: March 9th 
  • Session 9: March 16th 
  • Session 10: March 23rd 
  • Session 11: March 30th 
  • Session 12: April 6th

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