Thanks for joining me today for Conscious Change Leadership: 10 Strategies to Drive Successful Transformation

I hope you found today’s session helpful. Knowing how to adjust and see what’s missing to support transformation will help you sustain success in our world of constant change. Applying these transformational strategies will ensure that your organization has the methods, capabilities, and infrastructures to get the maximum ROI from change consistently.

To continue your learning, please see the related resources I’ve curated for you below, including a copy of today’s slide deck.

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Leading Change as a Strategic Discipline

Strong change capability is vital to organizational success. The evidence is clear that we need to be better at leading and delivering on change. This white paper explores how to build your organization's change capability through leading change as a strategic organizational discipline.

Moving Beyond Change Management to Conscious Change Leadership

Discover what you need to become a successful executive change leader, and why change management is insufficient to support transformational change.This eBooks explores the skills and methods necessary to achieve breakthrough in business results, culture and leadership in all your complex organizational change efforts.

How to Break Through Limitations and Barriers to Achieve the Extraordinary
How to Break Through Limitations and Barriers to Achieve the Extraordinary
How You Can Achieve Breakthrough Results through Transformation​
How You Can Achieve Breakthrough Results through Transformation​
How to Transform to Achieve Breakthrough
How to Transform to Achieve Breakthrough

This online instructor-led course will enable you to deliver desired results from the complex change initiatives you lead or consult to. It supports corporate leaders, community leaders, activists, and all varieties of change consultants. 

You’ll finish this course knowing the most important next steps to take for your transformational change effort to succeed.

MARCH 2022

Here are all the resources I mentioned during today’s session. 

Download a copy of today's slide deck.

Download a copy of the corresponding worksheet.

Download eBook:

How to Select the Best Change Process Leader to Oversee Your Transformation

How Visionary Leaders Solve Strategic Challenges through Conscious Change Leadership

Download Presentation
Leaders must break free of traditional thinking because conventional mindsets and approaches to transformation are not sufficient in today’s 21st Century VUCA environment, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity reign. This webinar explores how visionary leaders navigate complexity and solve big strategic challenges to achieve breakthrough results through Conscious Change Leadership.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson

  • 6 Ways to Ensure Stability During Transformation

    The magnitude and complexities of today's pace of change mean continuous disruption to the operations and workforce of your organization. When you are in the midst of major change, one of the smartest things you can do as a leader is to consciously create the experience of stability—at least some stability. This article reviews the six key strategies for ensuring the sense of stability while your organization changes.

  • Why Traditional Change Sponsorship is Insufficient for Transformation

    A fundamental condition for success in your change efforts is a solid, co-creative partnership between your sponsor and project lead. Most executives recognize the importance of sponsoring major change efforts. However, the traditional approach to change sponsorship does not create an effective partnership in most cases. Why? What's missing?

  • How a Strategic Change Audit Ensures Your Transformation is on Track

    Transformational change has so many unknowns and complexities that it is impossible to plan it accurately from the beginning. A change audit assesses the current reality of your change initiative while it is underway. It can provide accurate information about whether or not your transformational change effort is set up to avoid rework and produce results quickly. It also sends a clear signal to the organization that you are serious about this change succeeding. In this article, we explore different ways to design a change audit, how executives can best engage in the process and how it can be used to ensure your transformation is on track to reach your vision.

  • Leading Through Uncertainty: How to Provide Guidance and Stability

    A common assumption among leaders and managers is that their success is dependent on having the right answers at the right time and providing clear direction to their people amidst the clamor of day-to-day operations. This may have been historically true when the pace and complexity of change were moderate, but is far less so in times of large scale, high-pressured transformational change. Transformation is a very uncertain and unpredictable process that requires new leadership qualities and  approaches: (1) the outcome is unknown at the start and must be figured out as you proceed, (2) this “figuring it out” process requires constant course correction, (3) this journey is only semi-controllable and largely erratic, and (4) given the magnitude of uncertainty, people get mentally and emotionally triggered with feelings of fear, anger, and confusion. Attempting to control the process and predetermine the outcome, while an admirable desire, is just not possible in transformation. And trying to do so makes things worse! No control? No ready answers? No trust-worthy plan and timetable? What's a leader to do? In this article we will help you answer these critical questions and find comfort, strength, and success when leading through uncertainty. We will outline six key actions that you can take to stay on top of the “bucking bronco” of change and continue to provide guidance and stability. We will demonstrate how these actions provide sound leadership in times of uncertainty, as well as debunk the faulty assumption that you, as the leader, should be all-knowing.

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