Episode #01


with Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

In this first episode, I introduce Conscious Change Leadership and talk about how I’ll use this podcast to answer your questions, offer special topics, interview other thought leaders, and provide live consultations with practitioners like you.

Tune in and join a global network of Conscious Change Leaders advancing this work in their own lives and careers so you, too, can significantly impact your organization and community.

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Welcome to Ask Dr. Change. I’m Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson. I’m happy to have you join me today to explore how to seriously up level your leadership and consulting to transformational changes all through conscious change leadership. Welcome to Ask Dr. Change. I’m Dr. Linda Ackerman. Anderson And I’m thrilled to be offering this podcast to you to increase your success in leading transformational change.

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My partner, Dean Anderson and I created our company being First INC in 1988 with the sole purpose of studying how to increase the success rate of large scale transformational change in organizations and communities. So for 45 years, we’ve been studying what’s going on in organizations as they’re leading transformation. Why are so many struggling or failing at transformation? So we’ve been creating, generating a body of work that increases what’s required to lead transformation successfully.

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We’ve taken this body of work well beyond traditional project management and change management. Now, don’t get me wrong, both project management and change management are very necessary and important contributors to change. They’re just not adequate to what transformation requires. So our body of work is really created a system of transformation that is based upon what we call conscious change leadership.

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Now, this body of work will be the subject of an episode that Dean and I will be doing here shortly to explore in greater depth what conscious change leadership is about. Let me give you just a teaser so each word conscious change and leadership heads up a whole curriculum of development to be successful at this approach. Conscious refers to you becoming more self-aware, more aware of your mindset, your reactions, your emotions in the moment, so you can adjust to what’s really required as you proceed.

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Change is about various roadmaps, large scale enterprise level transfer, Asian project success and personal transformation. All three roadmaps are required to be successful at this work and leadership is about shifting from the traditional command and control authoritative leadership we see so frequently in organizations to a more co-creative style, which is all about increasing the engagement of your stakeholders and your people.

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So they’re inspired to contribute their very best to the success of transformation. In terms of the change piece, which is the focus of this podcast. I will be using our nine phased method called the Change Leaders Roadmap and pulling from it to provide advice on your strategic changes. The Change Leader’s roadmap is the title of one of our books, The Change Leaders Roadmap How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation.

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Our other book, Beyond Change Management Advanced Strategies for Achieving Breakthrough through Conscious Change Leadership that both books are available for deeper days. Now the structure of this podcast will take on four different styles of episodes. The first is answering your questions you posing challenges and giving me an opportunity to shed light on the possibilities and the remedies for what you’re dealing with.

3:43:10 – 4:08:15
The second type will be me offering specific guidance on things that I think are most important in the process of leading transformational change. The third will be interviews with other thought leaders in the change space so you can hear from them what they think the future of the field entails. And lastly, I’ll be doing some live consults so you can see the work in action.

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In addition, in each episode, I’ll be offering a pro tip, which I have many after all of this time. So you can add those to your repertoire. And in addition, a personal reflection. Now, that’s the consciousness part, so that you stay present, self-reflective. What’s true for you? What’s important to you? Why you’re doing this work, and how best to do this work.

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I have to reasons for doing this podcast. The first is professional. After all of this time, we want to leverage the work to take it beyond ourselves. And so doing work with a client one at a time is good for the client, but doesn’t give us the broad scale impact that we hope to have. So teaching others you are their change consultants and other change leaders how to do this work so you can carry it forward as you proceed in your life and your professional experience.

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The other type of my purpose here is personal. I’m in my seventies. This is a legacy move for me. I want to make a greater difference. And my way of doing that is being able to offer advice to you and others like you again, to be able to carry this work forward. Now, what’s in this for you? I’m hoping to increase your clarity about what transformation actually requires and then increase your confidence in being able to tailor the work to fit what’s really going on in your organizations.

5:44:14 – 6:12:00
So you can have a much greater impact more immediately if all of that is able to expand your repertoire. I’ll feel successful. I’m hoping that your services can begin at the very launch of transformation from the wakeup call and sustain all the way through the achievement of business benefits, full adoption. And so expanding your repertoire is also a very important part of this.

6:12:07 – 6:40:12
And again, if all of that increases your success rate, I also feel that this endeavor has been successful. Bring your challenges. Bring your questions. Go to ask doctor change dot com and let me hear from you. Let me know how I can support your success advice. I can give you around your strategic changes. I look forward to hearing from you and how you can become a part of our global network of Conscious Change leaders.

6:40:18 – 7:02:06
The world needs us now more than ever. I do hope you will participate. Thanks for spending some time with me today. I hope you gain some valuable insights for your work. Please send me your questions and challenges by going to ask DrChange.com



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