The process of envisioning is as important as the vision you create. This free tool provides suggested approaches, techniques, and tips.
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TOOL Visioning: Designing Your Organization-Wide Process

The process of envisioning is as important as the vision you create. There are many ways to go about it. There is no right way, and the best way for you will be dependent on many factors. 

How you choose to approach the this process will be heavily dependent on the mindset and worldview of your executives, but will also be influenced by factors such as time, budget, the size of your company, typical engagement strategies used in the past, and the state of your existing vision.

Conscious Change Leadership teams typically decide to involve a significant part – or even all – of the organization in the visioning process.

Download this free tool for suggested approaches, techniques, and tips for building your vision. Use the included worksheet to discuss and agree on each component of your process as shaped for your project. Enter your conclusions and strategies in the appropriate spaces.

Visioning: Designing Your Organization-Wide Process



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