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Vertical Leadership Development: The Answer to Today's Organizational and Social Challenges

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Key Takeaways:

Vertical Leadership Development is critical for solving today’s organizational and social challenges.

Leading organizations and society today is a difficult job, and it is only getting more challenging.


We live in a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Change is everywhere, and the speed of change is ever-increasing. Our social problems are increasingly complex, like climate change, diversity and inclusion, and adapting to technological advances that press against society’s norms. 60% of organizational changes fail, and leaders do not know why. Stakeholder groups continue to voice dissatisfaction, and polarization across issues is splitting us apart.

Navigating these dynamics presents a massive leadership challenge. Solutions do not come easy. The vast majority of leaders are “in over their heads,” meaning that the complexity and uncertainty they face is beyond their mental, emotional and leadership capability.

Conventional approaches to executive and leadership development are not preparing our leaders for this VUCA world.

Vertical leadership development provides part of the answer by developing leaders from the inside out.

Like climbing a ladder to get a bigger perspective, this approach:

  • Expands your mindset and worldview, so you can handle greater complexity
  • Teaches you how to manage your interior, stay centered and calm amid greater stress, and perform optimally while navigating ambiguity
  • Increases innovation, creativity and the ability to lead into the future.

Our organizations – and our world – need leaders with greater vertical development. This webinar provides an overview of vertical leadership development, and case examples of the breakthroughs this approach is generating in our clients.


Dr. Dean Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson

With over 40 years of experience as a consultant, speaker, writer, and no-nonsense trainer, Dr. Anderson coaches his clients to design and implement transformational change that delivers breakthrough results, increases organizational change capacity, and establishes a high performing, co-creative culture that unleashes human potential. Dean’s comprehensive understanding of human motivation and performance, vertical leadership development, and the process of transforming mindset, behavior and culture gives him a unique perspective that has established him as a thought-leader in the field of Organization Transformation.


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