Organization Transformation

Do Your Leaders Have the Mindset to Succeed at Transformation?

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This article provides an excellent overview of why change leadership mindset is so critical, examples of the mindsets that limit change success, and why introspection is essential to delivering real transformation.

Change Leadership: Minimizing the Chaos of Transformation

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This article outlines four best practices to minimize chaos during transformational change and keep your change efforts from spinning out of control: project integration, timelines and change capacity, human and organizational culture dynamics, and real stakeholder engagement.

Savvy Strategies for Implementing a Common Change Methodology

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In the second part of two parts, Linda describes eight key strategies that ensure your organization will get full benefit from using a common change process methodology.

Strategic Intelligence of Using a Common Change Methodology

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In this free webinar, Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson outlines the challenges, risks and problems that occur in organizations that use multiple approaches to change, reveals the many benefits of using a common process methodology, and reviews the nine phases of The Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology.