Thanks for joining me today for Conscious Change Leadership: 10 Strategies to Drive Successful Transformation

I hope you found today’s session helpful. Knowing how to adjust and see what’s missing to support transformation will help you sustain success in our world of constant change. Applying these transformational strategies will ensure that your organization has the methods, capabilities, and infrastructures to get the maximum ROI from change consistently.

To continue your learning, please see the related resources I’ve curated for you below, including a copy of today’s slide deck.

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I hope to see you there!


Leading Change as a Strategic Discipline

Strong change capability is vital to organizational success. The evidence is clear that we need to be better at leading and delivering on change. This white paper explores how to build your organization's change capability through leading change as a strategic organizational discipline.

Moving Beyond Change Management to Conscious Change Leadership

Discover what you need to become a successful executive change leader, and why change management is insufficient to support transformational change. This eBooks explores the skills and methods necessary to achieve breakthrough in business results, culture and leadership in all your complex organizational change efforts.

How to Break Through Limitations and Barriers to Achieve the Extraordinary
How to Break Through Limitations and Barriers to Achieve the Extraordinary
How You Can Achieve Breakthrough Results through Transformation​
How You Can Achieve Breakthrough Results through Transformation​
How to Transform to Achieve Breakthrough
How to Transform to Achieve Breakthrough

This online instructor-led course will enable you to deliver desired results from the complex change initiatives you lead or consult to. It supports corporate leaders, community leaders, activists, and all varieties of change consultants. 

You’ll finish this course knowing the most important next steps to take for your transformational change effort to succeed.


Sept 2021

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Here are all the resources I mentioned during today’s session. 

Download a copy of today's slide deck.

Download a copy of the corresponding worksheet.

Download eBook:

How to Select the Best Change Process Leader to Oversee Your Transformation

Vertical Leadership Development: The Answer to Today's Organizational and Social Challenges

Download Presentation
This webinar explores how vertical leadership development expands your mindset and worldview, so you can handle greater complexity as a leader.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson


How Visionary Leaders Solve Strategic Challenges through Conscious Change Leadership

Download Presentation
Leaders must break free of traditional thinking because conventional mindsets and approaches to transformation are not sufficient in today’s 21st Century VUCA environment, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity reign. This webinar explores how visionary leaders navigate complexity and solve big strategic challenges to achieve breakthrough results through Conscious Change Leadership.

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson

  • Solving Complex Challenges in a VUCA World

    We've all experienced a VUCA world firsthand in this past year with the devastating pandemic, increased environmental impacts and growing social unrest. The world has shifted from generally more linear, stable and predictable to a VUCA environment. Most leaders’ responses are outdated, resulting in unsatisfying and often failed results. In this blog, we'll explore what VUCA means, the impacts it has on senior leaders and what it takes for you to navigate VUCA successfully.

  • Questions for the Biden Administration from a Conscious Change Leader

    While the state of this planet and its inhabitants are improving in many key areas (e.g., poverty, life expectancy, child mortality, living in conflict zones), the Biden Administration is also inheriting existentially explosive trends in other areas. Adverse climate change impacts, global pandemic recovery, racial injustice, social disunity and polarization, extreme economic and power inequality, to name a few of the big ones. Even in the face of such disasters, breakthroughs are possible for the thriving of the planet and people. Our 40 years of working with leaders in governments worldwide demonstrate eight critical areas of transformation that will be essential for the Biden Administration to focus on. These areas include important questions that we can ask to focus attention where it needs to be for President Biden’s new Cabinet to succeed.

  • What is Transformation, and Why is It So Hard to Manage?

    Knowing which type of change your organization is undergoing is critical to your success. Three types exist, and each requires different change strategies, plans and degrees of employee engagement. A very common reason for failure in transformational change is leaders inadvertently using approaches that do not fit the type of change they are leading. Is this happening in your organization?

  • Human Dynamics of Transformational Change

    What is Transformational Change?  Transformation is a unique type of organizational change that often triggers significant human dynamics that, if not addressed, can become the cause of failure. Often, leaders do not know how to handle these human dynamics, but in transformational leadership, they become leverage points for success. Here’s how. 

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Are you a transformational leader?

Given the global pandemic, digitization and our social, economic, and environmental challenges, continual change and transformation is our new normal. Thriving in this complexity requires masterful change leadership skills. Join these two masters of transformation to learn their best practices, culled from 40 years of being strategic advisors to senior executives in Fortune 500, government, and global NGO organizations.

This course will significantly increase your capability as a corporate, government or community leader, activist, or change consultant.