Consulting Firm Expands into Change Leadership Services Market

“We have added significant value to our clients’ results by ensuring that the solutions we provide to them can be adopted and sustained long after we leave the assignment. Our community of Being First trained consultants are busy, closely knit, and operating at a higher level than ever before.”
Thomas Fischer


One of Scandinavia’s largest consulting firms, Valcon, realized its client results could be greatly enhanced by offering Change Leadership services to complement its Operational Excellence, Lean Management, financial, strategy, and technological areas of expertise. It formed a strategic alliance with Being First to support strategy and engagement development, and up-level the skills and methods used by its senior consultants.

The CEO saw the potential of adding this service and recognized that his firm would be challenged to educate the market and expand the thinking of his 150 consultants in how they scoped and delivered their work. To formalize the offering, they created a Leadership and Change department and an ongoing community of practice to ensure continued learning as strategic change consultants and trackable ROI on the investment in this direction.


Together, we developed a long-term strategy and defined the requirements for certifying a number of the company’s hand-selected consultants to train and consult in the Being First System of Transformation. We delivered a Train-the-Trainer program for our Leading Transformation program, highlighting The Change Leader’s Roadmap (CLR) methodology. The CEO attended the Being First trainings with his team, plus all strategy meetings, to ensure both business success and that his people would be able to leverage their new skills and sell their Change Leadership services with confidence.

The initial team completed Being First’s Advanced Change Leadership Development Program, 4Sight, including the CEO, and proceeded to send a group of additional consultants to this program for the next 5 years. To help educate their market, we supported them to translate our first book, Beyond Change Management, into their native language, and presented both on their local TV and at several of the company’s client marketing events in which they invited CEOs of the major organizations in their service areas. We remain in full support of their success in this service and continue to partner with and coach them.


  • Added significant revenues to the company’s bottom line in every service line using the trained consultants
  • Trained 5 people to teach our CLR-based training internally
  • Up-leveled their consultants’ understanding and ability to sell and deliver Change Leadership services
  • Provided four additional products and assessments to their roster of change services
  • Trained 25 of their senior consultants to deliver Change Leadership services on their projects
  • Co-branded our methodology with their firm’s brand to lend credibility to their market
  • Translated our first book, Beyond Change Management, into their native language
  • Educated their market in these practices through in-person and TV engagaments

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