Webinar: Integrating Culture Change In Project Scope, Design and Roll-Out

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Culture is present in just about everything that happens in the organization.


It is a major factor in the success or failure of change.

Stakeholder Engagement: How to Reduce Resistance-1Therefore, every project that alters how the organization operates has cultural implications. We need to understand how to see cultural dynamics at play when planning for change, from the very beginning of the process.

This webinar explores how to see cultural implications when determining desired outcomes, project scope, solution design, impact analysis, implementation planning, and adoption.

You’ll also learn why this work needs to be integrated into the project strategy and plan so that the work of changing culture is done in full alignment with organizational changes and how this has a positive effect on adoption and sustainment of results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how culture shows up in every type of change project
  • Learn how to investigate the cultural implications of a project’s process, design and outcomes so you can plan appropriate actions into the project from the beginning
  • See the importance of embedding culture change actions into your project plans so that your outcomes have a greater chance to sustain their value


Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson