4Sight: Advanced Conscious Change Leadership Development

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4Sight provides a development path to becoming a world-class Conscious Change Leader or consultant, able to strategically guide even the most complex organization transformation to deliver breakthrough results.

4Sight focuses and integrates two key areas:

  • Organization Transformation: Learn to plan, design, and implement transformational change that delivers breakthrough business and cultural results with maximum adoption and sustainment.
  • Personal Transformation: Achieve personal breakthroughs in your own mindset, behavior and performance that will solidify your Personal Presence and ability to see solutions to complexity that most others miss.

The program is conducted over five months in four, one-week in-person sessions. The material is applied to participants’ live transformational projects and real-life challenges so learning is completely relevant.

Industry experts, multinational corporations, large NGOs, all types of organizations, government agencies, and intergovernmental military alliances send their best and brightest leaders and consultants to 4Sight to learn how to apply the Being First System of Transformation and The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to deliver breakthrough results from change. We also deliver this advanced program in-house.

Click here to download the Program Overview. 


The 4 “Sights”

4Sight, as the title of this program, is based on the four essential ways of “seeing and perceiving” that enable Conscious Change Leaders to consistently succeed at leading transformation:

  • Seeing Systems: Seeing inter-dependencies and how parts interact to impact each other and the whole organization
  • Seeing Process: Seeing how actions and events unfold over time to impact each other and results
  • Seeing both Internal and External Dynamics: Seeing how the inner human dynamics of mindset, emotion, and culture impact external results, and vice-versa
  • Seeing Consciously: Being consciously aware of one’s mindset in action, and seeing beyond one’s own perspective to include other worldviews

2020 Session Dates

Session 1: January 13-17 in Durango, CO
Session 2: February 24-28 in Durango, CO
Session 3: March 30 – April 3 in Durango, CO
Session 4: May 11-15 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Daily Sessions: Monday- Thursday 8:00am-6:30 pm, Friday 8:00am-1:00 pm
Evening Sessions: Group activities on Wednesday and Thursday night 7:00-9:00 pm

Note: This full program contains four one-week sessions. All four sessions are mandatory and are included in the tuition.

The first three sessions take place at the Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough in Durango, Colorado, USA.

The last session will take place at La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 

(Please see Venue & Hotel Information below for lodging details.) 

Course Prerequisites

Along with reading the books, there will be significant pre-work requirements to introduce you to Conscious Change LeadershipThe Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology and to give you an overview of the 4Sight program including an online assessment, telephone interview, and webinar. These requirements will be tailored to your specific needs based on your level of organizational consulting experience and familiarity with this Body of Work. Upon registration, you will be provided with a link to the program landing page and pre-work.


Personal Breakthroughs

Organizational Breakthroughs

  • †Mastering a personal breakthrough that dramatically enhances your life and professional experience
  • †Managing your inner state to deliver optimal performance under any circumstances
  • †Developing mindfulness
  • †Expanding your mindset and emotional intelligence
  • †Generating profound insights to your most pressing and unsolvable problems
  • Improved ability to inquire, learn and course correct
  • Knowing how to remain centered, focused and creative in the face of chaos or conflict
  • Managing and changing self-limiting patterns
  • Re-programming your mind, body and emotions with self-mastery skills
  • Navigating the human and process dynamics of transformation
  • Raising your confidence and strengthening your voice

  • †Leading transformation in organizational culture and systems
  • Mastering the use of The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to design and implement transformational change
  • Catalyzing transformation in individual and leadership mindset and behavior, and organizational culture
  • †Seeing solutions to complex strategic challenges
  • Designing and implementing complex change for maximum results and sustainment
  • †A better understanding of people & their behaviors to communicate, lead and influence with greater impact
  • †Developing advanced skills for reducing resistance, building commitment, engaging stakeholders and coaching
  • †Ensuring maximum results, adoption and sustainment from any change
  • †Increased ability to generate greater innovation and creativity


4Sight is an advanced development program, designed with the intensiveness and focus of a graduate school program.

  • The process begins as soon as you register. There are two questionnaires to fill out—a personal questionnaire about you, your strengths and your learning objectives, and the Human Synergistics Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI). You will receive the results of the LSI in the first session. There are also pre-work questions to provide us about your experience with leading or consulting to organizational and two books to read, both written by the facilitators, Drs. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson.
  • You will be scheduled for a 90-minute one-on-one coaching call within a month of the program with one of the lead facilitators to explore the 4Sight experience, your learning objectives and, of particular importance, the personal Breakthrough you will bring to the program and work to master throughout the process.
  • Over the next five months, there are four in-person training sessions. The first three sessions are hosted in Durango, Colorado, USA, and the fourth is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Each session lasts 4 ½ days, and all sessions are required for graduation.
  • Participants pair up with a peer coach – another participant – to support one another and add momentum to the personal and project learning that occurs during and between sessions. There is between-session work as well, which is thorough but not burdensome.
  • Graduation takes place at the successful completion of the fourth session.
  • Graduates of 4Sight automatically become a part of the Being First Network, a worldwide community of practitioners and change leaders who connect and meet to further their development and seek support on their ongoing projects. All graduates can attend 4Sight Retreats that are held periodically.

4Sight: Advanced Conscious Change Leadership Development includes these key topics:

Transformational Change Leadership Capability

  • The logic and sequence of The Change Leader’s Roadmap Model (CLR)
  • How to navigate the breadth of guidance, tools and resources of the renowned Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology
  • Best practices for tailoring the CLR as a thinking discipline and guidance system
  • Enterprise Change Disciplines and Best Practices for up-leveling organization-wide change capability
  • The unique requirements of leading transformational change
  • How to effectively launch complex transformational projects and set up their conditions for success
  • Understanding change governance: roles, structures, decision-making and interfacing with operations
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies and change communication requirements
  • How to establish an optimal “course correction” system to ensure the right work is occurring in the right way as the transformation unfolds
  • How to use the Breakthrough Consulting Process to solve project challenges
  • Explorations of leader and consultant assumptions and style that impact their success when leading change, and how to influence leaders at various stages of development
  • Creating consulting contracts that support breakthrough outcomes

Transforming Organizational Culture

  • 12 strategies for culture change
  • 15 conditions for successful culture change
  • The Breakthrough Process and how to use it to guide culture change
  • Building a co-creative culture of accountability, collaboration and trust
  • Leadership modeling and how it establishes the characteristics of your culture

Self Mastery

  • Share and advance the Personal Breakthroughs you are pursuing
  • Self-reflection: cultivating a deeper and broader awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Conscious awareness: what it is, how to develop it, and why it is the single most important success factor in leadership
  • Vertical Leadership Development: what it is, and how it informs success in organization transformation
  • Optimizing: how to manage your inner state for high performance
  • Breakthrough practices: Daily breathing and centering techniques for increased mindfulness and personal performance amid the chaos of change
  • The universal personal change process and how to apply it to transform mindset, emotional reactions and self-limiting behaviors during change
  • How to consistently model desired values, behavior and culture
  • Life Styles Inventory Assessment and your personal style
  • How mindset and perception determine your performance and leadership style
  • The “zone”—the internal mental and emotional state of optimal performance – and how to experience it
  • Mental conditioning and belief systems, and their impact on leadership behavior and performance
  • Self-limiting behavioral patterns and how to identify and evolve yours

Relationship Mastery and Communications

  • Relationship dynamics and their impact on outcomes
  • How to build relationships of trust
  • Communicating for impact: how communicating from your higher self draws people to theirs
  • Active listening and self-disclosure: how they deepen relationships
  • “Center-to-Center” communications and its impact on resolving conflict and increasing employee trust and engagement
  • Levels of conversation and how to deepen them for greater impact
  • Substantially improving relationships, communications and trust with team members

High Performing Team Dynamics

  • High performing team dynamics and how to co-create them
  • The power of co-created team ground rules to support ongoing high performance
  • Transforming a group into an aligned and committed team
  • Healthy discourse: how it catapults teams to extraordinary success, and why most teams cannot do it
  • How to make a team a conscious learning environment: creating trust, safety, openness to diverse points of view and making course corrections

4Sight is a leadership development process that takes place over five-plus months, not simply a one-time event. There are six phases to the 4Sight program:

1.   Written and Reading Pre-work


  • Begin the program with insight about the kind of information that will be covered in greater depth
  • Generate personal commitment to the 4Sight process and outcomes
  • Establish participants’ baseline of development


  • Launch of Program Web Page and pre-work materials
  • Provide participants with resources and access to the assessments they will need to complete prior to the program.
  • Participants complete the questionnaires and return them to Being First
  • Participants receive a password to access the password-protected Change Leader’s Roadmap web page via an email from Being First

2.  Breakthrough Coaching Call


  • Determine each participant’s personal Breakthrough and begin to craft it into a short statement
  • Begin participants’ introspection and self-discovery
  • Encourage participants to write more about their personal Breakthrough in their Journal


  • 90-minute coaching call scheduled with one of the 4Sight facilitators

3. Four In-Person Training Sessions


  • Create the cohort group into a co-creative learning-oriented team
  • Establish participants’ Breakthroughs as the shared foundation of trust and support
  • Experientially establish self-awareness, mastery and Presence as the source of great leadership and consulting, and begin to increase each of them
  • Increase understanding of how all human excellence, whether as individuals, in relationships, teams or organizationally, begins in one’s interior (mindset and awareness)
  • Gain insight about how to apply the above realization pragmatically in one’s leadership of people and the organization
  • Deepen participants’ understanding and mastery of The Change Leader’s Roadmap and its breath of resources
  • Apply the guidance of the CLR to participants’ projects
  • Significantly increase one’s understanding of human dynamics and how best to manage them to bring out the best in oneself and others, especially during change
  • Strengthen the community


  • First three sessions held in Durango, Colorado, USA, at the Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough
  • Fourth session held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA at La Fonda Hotel
  • Make Travel and Room reservations

4.  Peer Coaching and Between Session Work


  • Peers provide support, encouragement and consultation to one another, both on projects and on personal practices
  • Deepen learnings about how to lead change projects using best practices


  • Peer coaches set up and complete two calls for each between session timeframe

5.  Graduation


  • Recognize and celebrate each participant’s achievements and breakthrough, contribution to the group, and way of Being


  • Ceremony and celebration in the training room

6.  Post Program Activities


  • Support participants to continue their development and support of one another within the community


  • Opportunity to attend 4Sight Retreat events
  • Participation in the Being First Network and Guild
  • Connection to other Network members for support, through sharing best practices and getting advice on projects
  • On-going access to the online Change Leader’s Roadmap

Tuition Details

  • $17,000 USD Regular Price
  • $16,500 USD Early-Bird Registration (Expires October 1, 2019)

Tuition Includes:

  • 20 Days of extensive in-person training sessions
  • Breakfast and lunch each day in Durango
  • Breakfast each day in Santa Fe
  • Pre-work materials* including telephone interview and online assessment
  • Participant manual and handouts
  • Certificate of Completion
  • One-Year free subscription to The Change Leader’s Roadmap® Methodology (a $975 value)

*Pre-work materials provided by email prior to the program


The first three sessions take place at the Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough in Durango, Colorado, USA.

 We have made special arrangements for attendees to book your own lodging at a discount price with local hotels. Hotel booking instructions will be emailed to you once you register. We highly recommend you make your hotel reservations for all four sessions now, to secure your special rate.


The Being First Center for Achieving BreakthroughProgram Venue Location: Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough
Address: 16295 W. Hwy 160
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: +1 (970) 385.5100

Durango Lodging

There are many hotels located in the beautiful historic town of Durango. We have made very special arrangements for attendees, depending on the experience you would like to have. Once you have registered we will send you information for how to receive your discount for both hotels.

The Strater Hotel, Historic Downtown Durango

If you would like to stay in the heart of historic downtown Durango, about a 10-minute drive from The Center, we’ve made very special arrangements with the historic Strater Hotel for $109 per night, January 1 – May 5. A complimentary upgrade is also available at check-in if available. We will email you instructions for how to book your room and take advantage of the upgrade once you register.

About the Strater Hotel

Built in 1887, the historic Strater Hotel (Historic Hotel of America Founding Member) is one of the West’s iconic hotels and a prominent downtown Durango, Colorado landmark located two blocks north of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, one hour from Mesa Verde National Park, several hours from the Four Corners Monument, and deep in the heart of the rugged San Juan Mountains and the San Juan Scenic Skyway. The Strater Hotel is adorned with beautiful handcrafted woodwork, period wallpaper, and the largest collection of American Victorian walnut antiques which are used to decorate the hotel and guestrooms. Operated for three generations by the Barker family, the Strater Hotel invites you to experience the best of the Old West and an iconic Durango, Colorado hotel.

Location: 699 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301


Residence Inn by Marriott, Durango

The Residence Inn is located 6-minutes down the road from The Center. They are offering our guests a rate of $110 per night, booked up to 5-days prior to the event date, based on availability.

About the Residence Inn

Designed to provide everything you need to thrive on long stays, the all-suite Residence Inn features upscale, spacious suites with full kitchens and room to eat, work and dream. Plus you can enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast, Wi-Fi, evening socials and grocery delivery service. We will send you instructions on how to speak to the hotel directly to make your reservations with the special rate.

Location: 21691 Hwy 160, Durango CO 81301







The last session will take place at La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 

 We have made special arrangements for attendees to book your own lodging at the venue resort. Hotel booking instructions will be emailed to you once you register. We highly recommend you make your hotel reservations for your sessions now, to secure your special rate.


Program Venue: La Fonda on the Plaza
Address: 100 E. San Francisco St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: +1 800-523-5002
Website: http://www.lafondasantafe.com/

A courtesy block of rooms is being held for Being First until March 10, 2020, or until sold out. We recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to take advantage of the nightly room rate of $185.00 (room tax not included). Check-in time is 3:00 pm; check-out time is 12:00 noon. Once you have registered for the program you will be emailed information on how to make your reservation at the resort.

Payment can be made by credit card directly online at checkout during your registration process.

If you would like to pay by check, select “Invoice” as your payment method during your registration process. Please make your checks payable to Being First for the full amount of tuition.

Please send a copy of your invoice and check to:

Being First
1242 Oak Drive DWII
Durango, CO 81301
Please note on your check your registration ID number.

Note: Please send your payment within 45-days from your registration date to confirm your registration to the program, or your registration will be considered canceled.

Tuition is fully refundable or transferable if requested more than 60-days from the program start date. Transfers requested less than 60-days from the program start date are subject to a 5% transfer fee. Refunds requested less than 60-days from the program start date are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. All cancellation and transfer requests must be received either in writing by email to [email protected] or by calling Client Services at 970-385-5100.

Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) Continuing Education Information


The 4Sight program is recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course that aligns with the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management® and adult education best practices.

The Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works. The CCMP™ was developed based on ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management® (“The Standard”) that defines best practices in change management.

Participants in this program receive 60 hours of Professional Development Units (PDUs).


Unlimited available
Single Ticket – 4Sight Early-Bird Tuition (Expires October 1, 2019)$16,500.00Early-Bird Single Admission expires October 1, 2019. Tuition Includes: 20 Days of extensive in-person training sessions; Breakfast and lunch each day in Durango; Breakfast each day in Santa Fe; Pre-work materials* including telephone interview and online assessment; Participant manual and handouts; Certificate of Completion; One-Year free subscription to The Change Leader's Roadmap® Methodology (a $975 value); *Pre-work materials provided by email prior to the program

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Unlimited available
Groups of 3+ – 4Sight Tuition$16,150.00Groups of 3+ 4Sight Tuition (5% discount) Tuition Includes: 20 Days of extensive in-person training sessions; Breakfast and lunch each day in Durango; Breakfast each day in Santa Fe; Pre-work materials* including telephone interview and online assessment; Participant manual and handouts; Certificate of Completion; One-Year free subscription to The Change Leader's Roadmap® Methodology (a $975 value); *Pre-work materials provided by email prior to the program

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