Leslie Ellis

Conscious Change Leader, Sr. Consultant

EXPERTISE: Change Leadership

Located in Charlotte, NC

Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
(Eastern Time)

Leslie Ellis has specialized in designing and implementing effective change strategies for Fortune 500 companies worldwide for more than a decade.

When Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America and Ingersoll Rand need help managing change, they call Leslie. When change breaks an organization, she fixes it. Leslie specializes in assisting executives in designing and implementing strategies that manage successful transformation in an ever-changing business landscape without losing productivity.

Ellis is also an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator to executives and line-of-business professionals in HR, IT, operations and finance with a focus on change leadership and how to minimize rework by addressing four different areas: culture, mindset, behavior and content/systems. Ellis charges her clients to ask questions like, “What are we trying to achieve? Is the enterprise ready for change? Are all the right stakeholders involved, including senior executives and employees? Do we have the right “story” for our audience?” Leslie ensures her client’s change is goal-driven and intentional.

Leslie is a Certified Change Management Professional, a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals, and is certified in HSI Organizational Culture Inventory and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory; HSI Leadership Work Styles; and HSI Life Styles Inventory. Ellis is also a Personal and Team Resilience Practitioner, and graduate of 4Sight: Advanced Conscious Change Leadership Development.

Leslie’s passion is helping organizations through the complex and often tumultuous process of change. She specializes in assisting her clients to use the Being First Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to deliver manageable and long-lasting strategies that achieve desired outcomes. With her expertise, leaders gain insight and strategies to proactively address the human dynamics inherent in change initiatives and integrate those with the content changes through a consciously designed process.

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Professional History

Leslie started her career as a third-party recruiter with Robert Half International in Akron, Ohio. She later worked with GKA Staffing (George Konik Assoc.) in the Twin Cities and received her Masters in Human Resources, Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. Leslie started building relationships with job seekers and leaders who needed quality talent. It is where she found her passion in helping clients find Win-Win-WIN solutions through her relationship-building and co-creative leadership skills.

Leslie first moved into building change capability with Ingersoll Rand. After helping Fortune 500 companies manage change as an in-house consultant for years, she wanted a way to bridge the gaps she saw in conventional change management methodologies. Too many systems and processes seem more oriented toward keeping consultants employed than affecting any lasting change within an organization. Leslie found the solution in learning the approach of Conscious Change Leadership. After six years of deep development and consulting with this approach, Ellis now heads Being First’s Change Leadership division.

Leslie is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her family and enjoys camping, concert-going, expanding her growing collection of house plants, gardening, watching movies, and traveling.  

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