Kymm Nelsen

Executive Coach & Consultant

Located in Portland, Oregon

Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
(Pacific Time)

Kymm Nelsen has trained and coached leaders and consulted with Fortune 100 companies, universities, and government agencies for nearly 25 years.


Kymm has a deep background in personal development, entrepreneurship and industrial/organizational and consciousness psychology that has translated into helping entrepreneurs and top-tier leaders transform and up-level their mindset and personal and business practices to achieve breakthrough results.

She specializes in supporting organizational transformation through executive coaching, consulting, and designing strategic training solutions. Her experience spans corporate, education, non-profit, and government agencies. She loves supporting entrepreneurs and leaders to develop self-mastery as they bring their organizations to peak performance.

Way back in 1995, Kymm taught herself code and launched a web design business targeted to fill the market gap for small businesses to get online. She played a key role in helping leaders understand the burgeoning World Wide Web (answering the question “Why do I need a website? This whole internet thing will pass.” a zillion times) and guiding them to develop their online strategy, marketing and business model. She traveled the world teaching and speaking on tech solutions until she finally hung up her technology hat and fully immersed herself in organizational transformation and leadership development.

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Professional History

Kymm earned her Bachelor of Arts in industrial/organizational psychology (Summa Cum Laude) from Argosy University and her Master of Science in Psychology from Walden University, one of only four Certified B Corp universities in the world. She is currently completing her Doctoral dissertation research on leadership consciousness at Walden.

She is a Certified NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer and Master Practitioner, with emphasis on Breakthrough mindset, processes and interventions, and deep-structure linguistic patterns that identify root assumptions and beliefs. She operated a Breakthrough-focused hypnotherapy practice for nearly 20 years where she provided crisis interventions, behavioral change strategies, and coaching for leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, teens, and pre-teens.

Kymm has served her community through various leadership roles. Currently, she is the Co-founder and Co-Chair of Conscious Capitalism Portland, the local chapter of the international organization committed to furthering business as a force for good. She is a Past-President of the Society for Technical Communication Portland Chapter, and the past Vice President of the Highland Access, Reentry & Recovery Program (HARPP), a faith-based coaching program for individuals reentering society after incarceration.

Kymm was deeply influenced by five years she spent volunteering at the Portland Women’s Crisis Line, answering calls, completing rescue interventions, and facilitating adult survivor support groups. In the course of this work, she was certified in Crisis Intervention Specialist and Group Facilitation, with significant training in cultural and gender sensitivity, crisis de-escalation, and safe procedures for victim extraction. She was awarded the Susan White Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

Kymm is a student and teacher of Huna for over 14 years within a 27th generation unbroken lineage from Kona, Hawai’i. She has guided hundreds of students through the development of self-mastery, inner wisdom, and forgiveness grounded in these ancient teachings. Kymm artfully weaves together modern Western psychological understanding with ancient perspectives to call forth the inner wisdom poised to be woken in each of us.

With all her three kids now adults, she shares her days with her Chihuaha mix dog, Stitchy, her green-cheeked conure, Marley, and the queen of it all, Meow-meow. On weekends, she putters around her yard, teachers herself piano, and volunteers with her grandson, Dylan, planting trees and helping ease the challenges of homelessness.

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